The Best Womenswear Boutiques In Ghana

Elle Lokko Concept Store, Courtesy of Elle Lokko (Stefania Manfreda)
Elle Lokko Concept Store, Courtesy of Elle Lokko (Stefania Manfreda)
Hakeem Adam

Whether you’re looking to follow the trends Ghanaian women are moving towards or want more bespoke outfits that suit your unique personality, Ghana has a number of stylish boutiques to satisfy your needs. Showcasing amazing craftsmanship as well as quality local and international fabrics, these womenswear boutiques are excellent places to shop.

1. Elle Lokko

Shop, Store

Elle Lokko Concept Store
courtesy of Elle Lokko (Stefania Manfreda)
Fashion these days tends to be more focused on how we express ourselves uniquely. Elle Lokko caters for the demands of the modern African women at its elegant concept store. Located in the district of Osu, Elle Lokko puts together an awesome collection of different contemporary African designers from across the continent, such as Della Los Angeles, Iamisigo, Osei Duro, and Raffia. The shop carefully selects each of the items in the store to ensure that they suit the overall aesthetic as well as offering an eclectic mix for clients to pick from.

2. Untamed Empire


Untamed Empire is another fashion and design concept store in Accra that serves as a portal for satisfying the fashion needs of the contemporary African woman. The store is designed from recycled shipping containers carefully fitted with glass, to allow natural light to illuminate the clothes on the rack as well as the art accessories that are sold here. Once inside this store, you get a great feeling of satisfaction from the well-curated space. It’s a great place to put together a trendy yet classic wardrobe for an African woman, with pieces from noted fashion designers from across Africa such as AAKS, Kikoti, Isigo, etc.

3. Nallem Clothing


African Print Fabric
© Ninara / Flickr
Nallem Clothing specializes in designs and patterns derived from northern Ghana. This very experienced brand and shop has branches all over the country where women can purchase authentic clothing and accessories that put them in touch with their culture. Nallem has a track record of providing quality bespoke gowns, shirts and skirts for women of all ages and sizes, and has been operating for almost 15 years throughout the country. At any of the Nallem shops, especially the one is Kumasi, shopping from the latest organic fashion trends for the African woman is made simple.

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