Where to Find Authentic Souvenirs in Cairo

Khan El Khalili Lanterns
Khan El Khalili Lanterns | © Mark Fischer / flickr
Sarah Marzouk

Visiting different places and getting to know various cultures is, of course, an exciting experience but many people find it more exciting to hunt down some authentic souvenirs which capture the spirit of another culture. As for Egypt with its great history and grand civilisations, there are plenty of places to get some original and genuine gifts. Here are some places to find some unique souvenirs.

Khan El Khalili

In the heart of old Cairo, Khan El Khalili has to be on the top of your list while shopping for some Egyptian authentic gifts. Besides the historic nature of the place, you’ll find so many souvenir options around you that you won’t know what to get; from eastern jewelry boxes to silverware, gold arts and crafts, stained glass lamps, statues, copper and other handmade accessories, textiles and a range of items decorated with pearls.

Khan El Khalili Market

Khayameya (Tent Makers’) Market

Located near Bab Zuwaila in old Cairo, the Khayameya Market, aka tent maker’s market, is another good place to get some authentically artistic textiles. Having been open since the 1600s, the market is famous for its decorative cloths which egyptiansEgyptiansents for weddings, funerals and other gatherings. Khayameya textiles are also used as covers for cushions, tables, and beds, especially during Ramadan celebrations. The Khayameya cloth is characterized by Arabic typography and colorful Islamic shapes, so if you want to bring a taste of Egypt home, this market is the perfect place to look.

Muizz Street

Want some Arab-inspired authentic gifts? Muizz Street is the perfect place for it, with the mixture of antiques, handmade accessories, folkloric costumes, djellabas (long gowns), dancing dresses and accessories, scarves, spices, copper coffee and tea pots, copper lanterns, and other handcrafted copper items.

Art Galleries

Dokki, Maadi, Zamalek, and the downtown neighborhoods are known around Cairo known as areas which are teeming with art galleries including Azraq w Buny (Blue & Brown) gallery in Dokki, Maadi Showroom, Asfour El Nile in Zamalek, Falak in Garden City, and Townhouse in Downtown. From leather bags and wallets to handmade items, antiques, statues, home accessories, notebooks and other handcrafted items, there is plenty to choose from for any souvenir hunter.

Azraq w Bonny Gallery
Azraq w Bonny Gallery

Fokhareen Market (Pottery Market)

If you’re looking for some local pottery items, then you’re in luck: there is a whole market for you to choose from a selection that is sure to include just what you want. Located in Fustat, which is also an area in Old Cairo, the Fokhareen market is a place where you’ll find a broad range of unique pottery items that you simply wouldn’t find anywhere else, even the fanciest galleries or bazaars. And even if you aren’t looking for anything in particular, the experience of wandering around the market and the area is well worth it!

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