28 Photos That Show Africa's Striking Beauty in Case You Need A Reason to Visit

A typical African sunset | Pixabay
A typical African sunset | Pixabay
Photo of Carina Claassens
8 August 2017

Africa is a large continent with over 50 countries and, needless to say, a diverse range of cultures, landscapes, landmarks and wildlife. From Cairo to Cape Town, these photographs prove that there’s much to see and many reasons to visit the continent and its islands.

Discover West African traditions in Benin

Benin, a tourist-friendly country, is home to one of the best wildlife reserves in Africa, Parc National de la Pendjari, beautiful beaches, and interesting traditions, one of which is the practice of voodoo.

Benin Lake water polo | Pixabay

See the majestic baobabs in Madagascar

Madagascar is known for its magnificent baobab trees that tower over the rest of the landscape. Close to Morondava lies a popular spot where baobab trees line a long, dirt road.

Baobab trees | © Frank Vassen/Flickr

Visit an oasis in Egypt

The Bahariya Oasis in Egypt is approximately 360 kilometres (224 miles) from Cairo and is the site of important archaeological finds, such as the Golden Mummies.

Bahariya Oasis | © Anirban Chatterjee/Unsplash

Explore a national park in Kenya

Amboseli National Park in southern Kenya is especially famous for its beautiful views of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The park is also home to large herds of elephants.

Amboseli National Park, Kenya | © Sergey Pesterev/Unsplash

Swim in Lake Malawi

Nkhata Bay, a vibrant town on the shore of Lake Malawi, is becoming increasingly popular among tourists and is ideal for a beach holiday.

Nkhata Bay, Lake Malawi | © Villiers Steyn/Shutterstock

Laze around on South Africa’s many beaches

Whether you prefer a packed beach bustling with bodies, a quiet surf spot, or untouched stretches of white sand, you’ll find it in South Africa.

Rocky Bay Resort, Park Rynie, South Africa | © Darrel Collins/Unsplash

Visit the Seychelles islands

Off the coast of East Africa lies an archipelago of islands known as the Seychelles. The islands boast beautiful beaches and coral reefs, and are the ultimate tropical paradise.

Seychelles | © Didier Baertschiger/Flickr

Immerse yourself in the most bustling country on the continent

Nigeria is the most densely populated country in Africa and its capital, Lagos, is a booming city that offers tourists many restaurants, hotels and clubs.

Children in Nigeria | Pixabay

See the great migration in Kenya

Kenya is best known for the great wildebeest migration that takes place annually across the planes of the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Chyulu Hills, Kenya | © Sho Hatakeyama/Unsplash

Travel into the wild at Chobe National Park, Botswana

Chobe National Park became Botswana’s first national park in 1968 and is one of the best areas to spot the impressive wildlife in its natural habitat.

Chobe National Park, Botswana | © Geran de Klerk/Unsplash

Check out Morocco’s rich architecture

Casablanca is any architecture junkie’s dream come true. The city is filled with beautiful mosques combining Moorish and Art Deco styles.

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco | © Huilin Dai/Unsplash

Go on a safari in the Okavango Delta

If wildlife is what you’re after, the Okavango Delta in Botswana is the place to visit. The huge estuary is known for its thriving animal and bird life, and offers the ultimate safari experience.

Lion in Botswana | © Louis Blythe/Unsplash

Take a road trip through the Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

The Blyde River Canyon in Mpumalanga is known as the world’s largest “green canyon”. The famous route is home to many waterfalls and is also a birders’ paradise.

Blyde River Canyon, South Africa | © Lina Loos/Unsplash

View the scenic Helderberg Mountains in South Africa

Situated in the Western Cape, the scenery on this stretch of road is awe-inspiring. The Helderberg Mountain Range is situated near Somerset West and has many great hiking routes.

Rainbow at Helderberg Mountains, South Africa | © Delyth Angharad/Flickr

Go birding in Africa

Whether you find yourself in Cape Town or Madagascar, the African continent is a birding paradise, and all sorts of species can be seen, from lilac-breasted rollers to African fish eagles.

A lilac-breasted roller | © Ken Clifton/Flickr

Visit a game reserve in Southern Africa

From the massive Kruger National Park to private reserves, Africa’s game reserves offer guests five-star accommodation in the heart of the bush-veld, so expect to get up close and personal with nature.

Phinda Private Game Reserve, Hluhluwe, South Africa | © Jason Briscoe/Unsplash

See the Great Mosque of Djenné in Mali

Mali showcases some of the best examples of Sudano-Sahelian architecture in the world – one of the best being the Great Mosque of Djenné.

The Great Mosque of Djenné | © Qiv/Flickr

Visit the most southern tip of Africa

Cape Agulhas, approximately 220 kilometres (137 miles) from Cape Town, marks the divide between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and is the most southern tip of the African continent.

L’ Agulhas | © Philipp Klausner/Unsplash

Ride a dromedary in Morocco

Moroccan camels are actually dromedaries (meaning they only have one hump) and a typical Moroccan scene involves a caravan of camels trekking across the desert landscape.

Camels in Morocco | © Kawtar Cherkaoui/Unsplash


Mauritius is the place to go if you’re after an island-style holiday – from amazing cuisine to turquoise waters lapping sandy beaches, it’s no wonder the island is a honeymoon hotspot.

An aerial view of magnificent Mauritius | ©John O'Nolan / Unsplash

Add Marrakesh to your bucket list

Marrakesh, a large city in Morocco, has held the number one spot on Trip Advisor’s “Most Popular Travel Destinations in the World” list. Buildings are decorated with intricate tile work and visitors should take time soaking in each individual sight.

A riad interior in Marrakesh | © Kees Kortmulder/Unsplash

Have a budget-friendly holiday in Mozambique

Mozambique is another popular holiday destination, especially for South Africans. The Portuguese-style food is amazing, the rum flows freely and, what’s more, it’s all very affordable.

Mozambique | © James Harrison/Shutterstock

Find Uganda’s gorillas

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a mountain gorilla sanctuary in Uganda, in East Africa, and is one of the few spots on the planet where tourists can view these animals in their natural habitat.

Gorillas in Uganda | © Pyty/Shutterstock

Visit the largest mosque in Cairo, Egypt

The Ibn Tulun Mosque is the largest mosque in Cairo and, covering 26,318 square meters, the third-largest in the world. It’s also the oldest original surviving mosque in Egypt.

Ibn Tulun Mosque | © Lapping/Pixabay


The Lesotho highlands offer vast vistas across the beautiful Maloti Mountains and sightseeing on horse back is a must.

A Lesotho village street | © Ikpro/Shutterstock

Explore the dessert landscape of Namibia

Namibia is known for its famous Namib Desert, and there’s much to do in what seems like an arid region. The wildlife is rich and there are many historic sites to visit.

Sossusvlei, Namibia | © Johnny Chen/Unsplash

See Tunisia’s blue-and-white buildings

Blue-and-white buildings are seen all over Sidi Abi Said in Aryanah, Tunisia, and the picturesque structures have become characteristic of the town, adding to its Mediterranean feel.

The blue doors of Tunisia | © Dennis Jarvis/Flickr

Get soaked at the impressive Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls waterfall, situated on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Africa due to it being one of the largest waterfalls in the world.

Victoria Falls | © Mario Micklisch/Flickr

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