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Bruno Munari: Futurism, Function and Useless Machines

Italian artist and designer Bruno Munari is one of the world’s most celebrated innovators, and explored concepts of functionality and uselessness. We take a look at his life here.

10 Best Restaurants in Monti: Rome's Hippest Neighborhood

Off Rome’s tourist trail, but within walking distance of the Coliseum, this bohemian neighborhood is where trendy Romans go for food. We highlight the best ten restaurants here.

Italy's 10 Contemporary Jewellery Designers to Watch

We check out the top ten contemporary jewellery designers creating beautiful pieces of body ornamentation, wearable sculptures and 3D design in Italy.

Italy's 10 Best Contemporary Artists and Where to Find Them

We check out the ten contemporary artists contributing to the formidable history of stunning art and beautiful sculptural creations for which Italy is famed.

Turin's Top 10 Cultural Restaurants: The Best of Italian Cuisine

Check out the unique and intriguing dishes of the Piemonte, and the best places to try them in Turino, Italy.

Felice Beato: Living through the Lens of War

We explore the life and times of one of the world’s first war photographers, Felice Beato.

Gourmet Guide to Cagliari | 10 Best Restaurants & Trattorias

Eat out in beautiful Cagliari with our foodie’s guide to the top 10 cultural restaurants in this Sardinian city.

What's On in Rome: 10 Unforgettable Events this Autumn

We delve into the heart of historic Rome and discover the top ten best events taking place this autumn, exploring everything from cinema to street art.

Milan's 10 Must-Try Restaurants: Dining in the Fashion Capital

Milan is Italy’s fashion capital, and its restaurants exude style as well. Here is our curated list of the eateries that must be tried when in Milan.

A Foodie's Guide to Naples' 10 Best Local Restaurants

Discover where to find Naples’ best food, from thin-crust pizza to street eats and delicious pastries, with our gourmet city guide.

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Italy Art + Artists

Verona’s Top Contemporary Art Galleries You Should Visit

Take a walk round Verona’s contemporary galleries, where Italy’s emerging artists sit beside established international art superstars.

10 Contemporary Italian Photographers You Should Know

From photojournalists to fine art practitioners, Italy has produced some of the world’s most stunning photographers.

Exploring the Art and Architecture of Ancient Pompeii

Pompeii’s culture and art were buried for centuries, but today archaeologists, architects and artists are once again learning from the ancient Romans.

Italy Food + Restaurants

Oltrarno Dining: 10 Restaurants in Florence’s Trendy Neighbourhood

Oltrarno, tipped as Florence’s up and coming neighbourhood, is rich in culture and its culinary offerings rival any other part of the city, as these restaurants reveal.

Gourmet Guide to Capri's 10 Must-Try Restaurants and Trattorias

Eat out in Capri with our culture lover’s guide to ten of the best, most authentic restaurants showcasing the island’s natural and culinary heritage.

Florence’s 10 Must-Try Restaurants: A Foodie’s Trattoria Guide

Eat at these top ten restaurants in Florence and you’ll experience the best ice cream, pizza and wine Italy has to offer.

Italy Design + Architecture

Size Matters: Imago Mundi’s Collection of Small, Great Art

See Luciano Benetton’s beautiful collection of tiny paintings by artists from all over the world – it’ll convince you that in art, size really does matter.

Bella Italia: Ten Icons of Italian Design

With a wide range of longstanding designers and companies, and new emerging talents, Italy retains its reputation for being a country of outstanding design.

Italy Profile

Flag of Italy

They've given us pasta, art and the language of music, and while it is not difficult to leave fully satisfied just by indulging in the north, one must encounter the warmth of the south of Italy. After letting your dreams float along the canals of Venice, enjoy the beauty of Rome, the passion of Naples and the allure of Palermo.

This country definitely was not built in a day as invasions and revolutions divided Italy, it also shaped its future. The Italian identity can be gleaned from the taste of its cuisine, the works of art and the spirit of the justifiably proud people.

The Italians have generously given us the Divine Comedy of Dante, the Renaissance, Baroque, the films of Fellini, Antonioni and Benigni. They didn't stop there, as inventors like Alessandro Volta helped create the battery and the Romans paved their roads to success.

Passionate about almost everything, the Romans, Leonardo da Vinci and the writings of Machiavelli have cemented the widely held view of Italian as an enchanting culture and language.

The musical world speaks their native tongue and the infamous Opera of La Scala has played host to their own famous artists, which include Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini, Maria Callas and the late Luciano Pavarotti.