11 Reasons Why You Should Date a Colombian

Dating a Colombian means dancing | © Francisco Osorio / Flickr
Dating a Colombian means dancing | © Francisco Osorio / Flickr
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20 December 2017

Every culture has its own dating quirks and unique aspects. Colombia is no different and, though there are good and bad things about dating a Colombian, these are our 11 compelling reasons for why you should go for it.

They are very romantic

If romance is what you’re after in a relationship then you should definitely consider dating a Colombian: the Colombian relationship culture is extremely romantic, with gift-giving, public displays of affection, and romantic nicknames all common aspects. If kissing in public and calling your significant other mi amor every few minutes isn’t your cup of tea, then maybe dating a Colombian isn’t for you.

Romance in Cartagena, Colombia | © Javier Ignacio Acuña Ditzel/Flickr

They’re more direct

There’s a lot less game-playing involved in Colombian dating, which is either a refreshing change of pace or overwhelming, depending on your attitude toward romance. One thing’s for sure: there are less of those “when is he/she going to message me back?” panics when you date a Colombian. If someone is interested in you, you’ll know pretty quickly rather than having to dance around the issue for weeks.

You will learn to dance

Dating in Colombia is tough if you hate dancing. Your new partner will either want to go out to dance regularly with friends or, if they don’t like to dance themselves, there’s bound to be a family event where music’s playing and people are having a dance. Bottom line: if you date a Colombian, you will face the obligatory added bonus of learning to dance.

You may not reach this level, but dating a Colombian will help | © RealCereal/Flickr

Your Spanish will get much better

As with dancing, dating a Colombian will usually improve your Spanish tremendously. English isn’t widely spoken in Colombia and even if your significant other speaks your language perfectly, there’s a good chance that her family and friends won’t, so you’ll have to get over your nerves and learn the language fast.

You get a whole new family

Colombians have a very family-oriented culture: they spend a lot of time with their relatives and there always seems to be a family birthday, wedding, christening, or extended Christmas or Easter celebration to attend. The good news is that they are also just about the friendliest people on Earth, so as long as you treat their son or daughter well, you will be welcomed with open arms and end up with a brand new second family (just beware that the old cliché about mother-in-laws is as applicable in Colombia as anywhere else).

So many new names to learn | © Cirofono/Flickr

Plus a bunch of new friends

The same rule applies to your partner’s friends. If you’re moving to Colombia, it can sometimes be tricky to meet new people and form meaningful friendships. But, if you date a Colombian, his friends will become your friends. A whole new set of friends and family plus a relationship? Dating a Colombian really is amazing!

You’ll never go hungry

Colombian family events are never short on food and since you’ll now be attending every family gathering, an accompanying feast of local delights is guaranteed to be included.

Never feel hungry again | © Eddy Milfort/Flickr

You get two Valentine’s Days

Colombians traditionally celebrate their own version of this holiday—the Day of Love and Friendship—in September. However, Valentine’s Day has largely been adopted throughout the country and if you’re not Colombian, you will be expected to honor the February version. So what if you have to buy two gifts? You’ll get two gifts as well!

And an amazing Christmas

Colombians go big during the holidays. There are multiple different Christmas celebrations to enjoy, including the nine (yes, nine!) nights of family parties and celebrations leading up to Christmas Day known as novenas. Dating a Colombian means you get to participate in and enjoy all of this festive fun (which is unlike any Christmas celebration you’ll ever experience).

All your future Christmases from now on | © Mario Carvajal/Flickr

You’ll get a second home

We mean this quite literally. Not only will Colombia become a second home, but if you date a Colombian with family living in two parts of the country, you are probably going to be spending some time in both places. For example, if your partner lives in Bogota but has family on the coast, you’ll get to stay in a city home and beach home, especially during the holidays (and maybe even for a future wedding).

You will always have a reason to come back to Colombia

The best part of dating a Colombian is that even if you get married and move far away, you will always have an excuse to visit Colombia.

This could be you one day! | © momentcaptured1/Flickr

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