The Best Boutique Hotels in La Serena, Chile

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6 January 2018

The layout of La Serena in Chile is split from the quaint city center lined with cafes, restaurants, and people stopping for quick conversations, and the coastal strip of beach that quietly sits removed from the bustling center. This ensures that you have two varying options of accommodation, and two varying vibes, but also two commonalities of comfort and quality.

La Serena | © jipe7 / Flickr

Hotel Club La Serena, Avenida del Mar

Toeing the line between a boutique hotel and a boutique resort, the Hotel Club La Serena is beautiful no matter which category you put it in. It features a huge winding pool with a large grass area perfect for soaking in the sun and it is only a few steps from your room to the beach which you will most likely be able to see from your hotel bed.

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Free WiFi
Outdoor pool
Express check-out
Conference space
Concierge services
24-hour front desk
Dry cleaning/laundry service
Multilingual staff
Smoke-free property

Santa Barbara Hotel, La Serena

Boutique Hotel, Garden Hotel, Hotel
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Gorgeous Garden
Gorgeous Garden | Courtesy of Hotel Santa Barbara

A simply stunning outdoor area that surrounds this boutique hotel and an undercover tiled patio that faces the green space will make it very hard to leave your hotel and explore La Serena. Santa Barbara sits on a large plot of land that is perfectly manicured with glowing green grass, a central pool to cool off in and gorgeous trees surrounding the building which is like a Spanish country villa, sitting right in the center – so from every angle, you get a calming view.

Hotel Playa Campanario, La Serena

Boutique Hotel, Garden Hotel, Hotel
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With Hoteles Campanario, you will have 3 separate options to take advantage of their quality accommodation with Campanario del Mar, Playa Campanario and the Cabins of Campanario. Playa Campanario is next to the beach just a few blocks down from the famous lighthouse and has a gorgeous outdoor garden area and pool; Campanario del Mar is a charming boutique villa style property; and the Cabañas are little concrete cabins to make you feel at home during your stay.

Hostal Terra Diaguita, La Serena

Boutique Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Hotel
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Quality Interior
Quality Interior | Courtesy of Hotel Terra Diaguita

From the bathrooms to the common areas and the rooms, the decor at Terra Diaguita is simply beautiful and welcoming, and will make you feel like you are at your own country cottage. Natural slabs of hardwood make up the walls and counters, with jagged rock layered as the bathroom tiles, with each room having a slightly different decor. Terra Diaguita has gone to the next level, and not cut any corners ensuring this place is both unique and special.

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  • Hotel y Cabañas Mar De Ensueño, La Serena

    Boutique Hotel, Garden Hotel, Hotel
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    Hotel y Cabañas Mar De Ensueño | Christopher Castro

    Rent what feels like your own little country home,with Mar de Ensueño, and enjoy the peace and quiet as the sun rises, or sets, from your own little ground floor patio and garden. The boutique cabins come equipped with kitchens so you can cook on your own time allowing you to spend more of your vacation at the beach, which is only across the road.

    Hostal El Punto, La Serena

    Boutique Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Hotel
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    Terraza | Courtesy of Hostel El Punto

    On the other side of the boulevard from the center plaza in town is the colourful little family run boutique hotel called Hostal El Punto. Inside the walls is the tight, cozy outdoor patio, with a great touch of greenery and flowers, and perfect comfy and cosy rooms to rest your head at night after exploring the town, beach or Valle de Elqui.

    Hotel Cristobal Colon, La Serena

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    Hotel Colon | Felipe Micangeli

    If you are visiting La Serena for the beautiful city over the beach, and want to have it right at your doorstep, then Hotel Cristobal Colon will scratch your itch. Just a few blocks from the beautiful center, cafes and restaurants, this old fashioned hotel has a beautiful traditional decor with a historic feel and old wooden trim that will add to your love for La Serena.

    Apart Hotel La Goleta, La Serena

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    Apart Hotel La Goleta | Manuel Espinoza

    This apartment-hotel is a great option for families or groups travelling to La Serena, who want to be independent with some privacy. This accommodation is basic, but has everything you need, right across from the beach, and the enclosed courtyard is a perfect setting to seek some shade and relax together.