The Best Hotels to Book in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

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21 September 2021

Book a great hotel through Culture Trip – and enjoy the trip of a lifetime to the thundering white Iguaçu Falls in Brazil.

In the south of Brazil, on the border with Argentina and Paraguay, Foz de Iguaçu is the closest town to one of South America’s must-see attractions: Iguaçu Falls. They extend for almost 3km (1.9mi), dropping over a series of cascades in the heart of a national park swathed in rainforest and teeming with wildlife. To enhance the magic, book one of the best places to stay in Foz do Iguaçu – or right beside the waters.

Recanto Cataratas Thermas Resort

Resort, Hotel
4.5/5 (972 Reviews)
Courtesy of Recanto Cataratas /
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Now from $88 per night

Recanto is a big resort aimed squarely at families, who check in to see the falls but invariably stay longer. There are large family rooms and suites with whirlpool baths or two separate bedrooms, kids’ clubs, a spa, gym, disco and a reproduction London pub – but the star attractions are the swimming pools. One is indoor, the other outdoor – ringed with whirlpool tubs and paddling areas, and fed by artificial waterfalls.

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Viale Tower

4.4/5 (802 Reviews)
Viale Tower Hotel
Courtesy of Viale Tower Hotel / Expedia
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Now from $41 per night
This local chain has a trio of hotels in and around Foz de Iguaçu town, well-located near restaurants or shopping malls. Rooms in all are fresh and contemporary, in light creams and greys, with smart wood-laminate floors and plenty of window space. Viale Tower has a rooftop pool and sky bar, family-oriented Viale Cataratas comes with a big pool and kids’ club, while the more economical Viale Iguassu is simpler with small rooms, no pool and mostly business clientele.
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Nadai Confort Hotel e Spa

4.3/5 (737 Reviews)
Courtesy of Nadai Confort Hotel e Spa /
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Now from $40 per night

A few hundred meters from the Paraná River and the border with Paraguay, Nadai gets the thumbs-up from a mixed holiday and business clientele. Interiors are bright and contemporary – family suites are particularly fresh, with taupe tiles, creams and light greys, and wall mirrors and plenty of light from large windows. Among the many advantages of staying here are on-site parking, a gym, spa and a large pool with kids’ areas and adjacent whirlpool tubs. You’ll have to walk for 10 minutes if you want restaurants, but the hotel has a decent dining room serving international and Brazilian dishes.

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4.2/5 (972 Reviews)
Courtesy of Tarobá Hotel /
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Now from $25 per night

Rooms in this glass-fronted tower overlook the Guarani woodlands in downtown Foz, where birds trill in the trees. The look is simple and functional, all laminate floors, boxy ensuites and unobtrusive art on the cream walls. Best of all, the hotel is excellent value, once you’ve factored in the generous buffet breakfast. Most guests are here on business but leisure travelers should make a beeline, too – the hotel has special discount packages for vacationers and can organize trips to the falls. Or take an idle stroll to the Paraná River and a lookout over the Paraguayan border.

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Rafain Centro

4.2/5 (350 Reviews)
Courtesy of Hotel Rafain Centro /
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Now from $32 per night

In the heart of downtown Foz de Iguaçu, close to restaurants and shops, the Rafain Centro is rated for its good-value rooms, largely aimed at a budget business clientele. They’re well-looked-after and unfussy: double beds on polished floors, and cozy, tiled ensuites possess a functional workspace and chair. If you’re here to relax, you’ll like the small pool and al fresco bar. Staff can help with tours and the price includes a large breakfast.

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  • Rafain Palace

    4.3/5 (238 Reviews)
    Courtesy of Rafain Palace Hotel and Convention Center /
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    Now from $48 per night
    The Rafain Centro’s blocky big sister draws a mixed leisure and business convention clientele. Rooms are nice for the price, in dark laminate woods or light floor tiles, offset by linens in contemporary muted tones, colorful scatter cushions and glitzy metal fittings. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide plenty of light. There’s a decent gym, a kid’s play area and a pool, set in extensive woodland gardens. Most guests opt to dine in-house – Rafain Palace is beyond the center – or you can hail a cab to explore restaurants and bars.
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    Bella Italia

    4.2/5 (454 Reviews)
    Bella Italia Hotel
    Courtesy of Bella Italia Hotel / Expedia
    Four blocks north of downtown Foz, Bella Italia is a simple business hotel that specializes in value accommodation predominantly for the city’s trade-convention market. Rooms are contemporary – in light tones, with functional workstations next to double beds, box-like ensuites and off-the-peg photos of Italian scenes on the walls. There’s a large business center, small pool, gym and an Italian-themed restaurant serving huge breakfasts and a menu of resolutely Brazilian food.
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    Águas do Iguaçu Hotel

    4.2/5 (578 Reviews)
    Águas do Iguaçu Hotel Centro
    Courtesy of Águas do Iguaçu Hotel Centro / Expedia
    Price Drop
    Now from $29 per night

    Within fly-casting distance of the Paraná River and a few blocks north of downtown Foz, Águas do Iguaçu has unadorned rooms in whitewash, white floor tile and with catalogue wood laminate furnishings. Ensuites have granite basins and small walk-in showers, and the hotel has modest business facilities. There’s also a small outdoor pool with a large sundeck and a suite of jacuzzi baths. It’s a 15-minute walk to restaurants in the town center, and staff can organize trips to the falls.

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    Hotel das Cataratas, a Belmond Hotel

    4.9/5 (968 Reviews)
    Belmond Hotel das Cataratas, Brazil
    Courtesy of Belmond Hotel das Cataratas, Brazil / Expedia
    Price Drop
    Now from $346 per night
    Want to see the full moon over Iguaçu Falls or wake up to sunrise over the cascades? Book the Belmond. It’s the only hotel inside Iguaçu National Park – so you share the falls exclusively with your fellow guests from the moment the park closes late in the afternoon, until tourists arrive the following morning. Rooms, restaurants and facilities are romantic five-star, the hotel has fecund gardens flickering with wildlife and a superstar pool – and a location so epic, even a hostel could justify the room rate.
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    Del Rey Quality Hotel

    4.3/5 (503 Reviews)
    Courtesy of Del Rey Quality Hotel /
    Price Drop
    Now from $29 per night
    With wood-panel or brown-tile floors, beds and flatpack furniture, the Del Rey is about returning to crash out in rather than lounging all day in. But prices are low, it’s in a great location – with restaurants on the doorstep – there’s a rooftop pool and sun deck with sweeping views out over Foz and the Paraná River, plus an enormous buffet breakfast. If you’re here en famille, book one of the rooms with more beds. And be sure to sound out the staff about trips to Iguaçu Falls and shopping trips across the border in Paraguay.
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