The 10 Best Restaurants In Guyana, Suriname And French Guiana

The 10 Best Restaurants In Guyana, Suriname And French Guiana
The Guianas boast rich histories, spectacular wildlife and pristine beaches, making them a fascinating place to discover. These former colonies are also home to a bustling dining scene, where age-old recipes cross paths with European influences. We explore ten of the best restaurants in Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.


Sidewalk Cafe and Jazz Bar
Bar, Cafe, South American$$

Sidewalk Cafe is the only jazz bar in Guyana and a definite must for all those longing for a memorable Caribbean night of music and fun right in the center of Guyana’s capital. Located on the ground floor of a fancy boutique hotel and surrounded by old colonial buildings, Sidewalk Cafe presents a diverse and colorful program. There are ‘Dinner and a Movie’ nights featuring documentaries, foreign and classic films , as well as fashion parades from Guyana’s top designers, poetry nights and the monthly jazz nights. Sidewalk Cafe offers the complete artistic package on top of its delicious locally flavored menu.

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Dutch Bottle Cafe
Restaurant, Georgian, $$$$

An open-air restaurant right in the heart of Georgetown, the Dutch Bottle Cafe transports visitors to the past with its traditional colonial architecture. Enjoying a convenient location, steps away from the historical attractions of the capital and the bustling Bourda Market, Dutch Bottle Cafe offers a one-of-a-kind incursion into the local tastes of Guyana, the Caribbean and South America. Its menu features a mix of dishes from coconut shrimp, garlic pork and cilantro lime shrimp to pepperpot, an Amerindian meat stew, and is perfectly complemented by the quality selection of renowned local beer and rum brands.

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Maharaja Palace

As its name suggests, Maharaja Palace is without a doubt the perfect place for those craving a good Indian meal while visiting Guyana. One of the most popular restaurants in this country’s capital, well-renowned for its Asian based menu, Maharaja Palace adds layers of spice to Guyana’s fascinating cultural offering. Serving up Indian, Japanese and Thai dishes, the restaurant takes pride in satisfying all tastes with hundreds of dishes included in its comprehensive menu. Maharaja Palace is particularly famed for its masala chai, butter chicken and its tempting and healthy vegetarian dishes.

Maharaja Palace, Sheriff Street 207, Georgetown, Guyana, +592 2194346

German’s Restaurant
Market, Restaurant, South American, $$$

German’s Restaurant is one of the most popular venues of this type in Georgetown. Specializing in typical local cuisine, this restaurant is a great choice for those who wish to get a delicious bite of the fascinating culture of this tropical country. The menu is simple, but the portions are substantial in size, offering good value for money. An accessible option for budget travelers and backpackers, German’s cooks up stews, soups, steaks and much more.

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French Guiana

Paris Cayenne
Restaurant, French, $$$$
Restaurant Paris Cayenne, cayenne

Restaurant Paris Cayenne, cayenne | Courtesy of Paris Cayenne

Located in an old Creole house, Paris Cayenne is a highly popular restaurant which excels at offering a fine atmosphere and delicious dishes, combining international and local recipes with a variety of fish, seafood and even beef, a somewhat exotic ingredient in this corner of the world.

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La Belle Amedee

Located in a splendid colonial house and surrounded by the dense tropical forest, La Belle Amedee is one of the best restaurants in Cayenne and French Guiana. Famous for its high-quality fusion menu that combines local, Caribbean and international recipes, La Belle Amedee is a must-try culinary experience. The menu is varied and fits all tastes, from foie gras donuts to salted caramel glace.

La Belle Amedee, Route des Plages 5900, Cayenne, French Guiana, +594 594292574

Les Palmistes
Hôtel des Palmistes, Cayenne

Hôtel des Palmistes, Cayenne | © Cayambe/WikiCommons

One of the in-vogue locations in Cayenne, Les Palmistes is often referred to as the place to see and to be seen. Enjoying a central location in the Place de Palmistes, in an impressive old Creole house, this trendy restaurant mixes French and Caribbean styles and creates the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing outdoor lunch. The menu offers a variety of drinks to cool off the tropical heat and a complete treat of salads, fish, seafood, pizzas and refreshing desserts.

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Zus and Zo Grand Cafe
Cafe, Caribbean, European$$

This hostel’s garden terrace is an excellent choice for budget travelers who can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the exotic outdoors and a varied range of dishes from the Caribbean to the European and local Surinamese cuisines. The menu offers delicious treats all day long, from French toast breakfasts, fresh soups and pastas for lunch to homemade apple pies and dark chocolate muffins for dessert. The cafe also organizes cultural events such as book presentations, concerts, film screenings, theater and dance spectacles and is no doubt one of the trendiest places to discover in Paramaribo.

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Baka Foto

With a splendid view over the Suriname River, Baka Foto is one of the highlights of Paramiribo’s culinary scene. Situated in Fort Zeelandia – one of the oldest constructions in town – Baka Foto is the perfect choice for visitors looking for an upscale dining experience in one of the most scenic spots in Suriname’s capital. The menu mixes Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch cuisines with noticeable local influences alongside a hand-picked wine selection that goes hand-in-hand with the restaurant’s themed cultural evenings.

Baka Foto, Fort Zeelandia, Abraham Crijnssenweg 1, Paramaribo, Suriname,+597 8226347