These 25 Photographs From Argentina Will Make You Want to Book a Trip Right Now

Argentina's unforgettable Iguazu experience | © sharptoyou / Shutterstock
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Updated: 5 July 2017
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What do you think of when you think of Argentina? Maybe red wine, tango dancing or gauchos on horseback. While not totally inaccurate, it’s a little clichéd. Argentina is so much more than that; the intensity of its natural beauty is particularly arresting. But don’t take our word for it – these incredible photos say it better than we can. Before you know it, you’ll be scrambling to book the first available flight to Buenos Aires.

Begin by feasting your eyes on the country’s famous Perito Moreno glacier:

The Perito Moreno glacier Argentina

Then head to a magical jungle rainforest surrounding Iguazu Falls in Argentina’s north:

Rainforest area around Iguazu

This leads you to the great Iguazu Falls themselves, one of South America’s seven natural wonders (already got them on your itinerary? here’s our guide):

Sunset over Iguazú
© SF Brit / Flickr

Once you’re done gaping at the masterpiece of torrential water, we turn to its equally magnificent frozen incarnation, one of Argentina’s many glaciers:

Glacier in Patagonia

Next up, we have huge trees covered in technicolor purple blossoms. Called jacaranda trees, Buenos Aires is full of them, draping the city in violet every spring. You’ll find them in many of the lush, European-style parks dotting the city:

Jacaranda trees in full bloom on Plaza San Martin in Buenos Aires

At some point, however, you should leave Buenos Aires behind and track down these mesmerizing cave paintings in Patagonia:

Cueva de las Manos in Patagonia

While in the area, follow up with a visit to the Salto de Agrio waterfall, which looks like something out of a crazy fantasy novel:

The Salta de Agrio waterfall in Patagonia

Then head over to the sweeping plains of La Pampa, where – who knows? – you might catch a flock of bright pink Chilean flamingos, like this photographer did:

Flamingos in La Pampa

Back in Buenos Aires, the world-renowned, labyrinthine Recoleta Cemetery awaits you (learn more about it here):

As do the beautiful high desert rock formations in the country’s northwestern province of Salta:

Man on top of a rock formation at Natural Reserve, Quebrada del rio de las Conchas, Cafayate, Salta, Argentina

Then get a load of this stunning canyon in Mendoza:

Atuel canyon, San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina
© Pablo Pietra / Shutterstock

Real quickly, did we mention that the night sky in Argentina is amazing? New hemisphere, etc? Yep:

You knew Argentina’s wine was good, but may be surprised by how gorgeous its Mendoza wine valley is:

The Mendoza wine valley

Then there’s the striking Tierra del Fuego National Park, located at the very tip of the country known as “the end of the world”:

Tierra del Fuego National Park in Patagonia

On your way back north, don’t forget to stop along Bariloche’s Seven Lakes route:

Lake Nahuel Huapi, one of the lakes that form a part of the Seven Lakes route

Meanwhile, there’s a ton of sumptuous architecture to be had in the city of Buenos Aires:

Congressional building in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Then there are much older buildings, like these fantastic Jesuit ruins scattered throughout the country:

Jesuit ruins as part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Misiones, Argentina

And – of course – laughing penguins. OK, we can’t promise all of them will laugh like the cutie in this photo, but you can still visit penguin colonies in Argentina, which is pretty cool:

Magellanic penguin in Argentina

Once you’re done visiting penguins in the south, head up north for some vibrant colors and high desert heat:

Mountain plateau La Puna, Northern Argentina

Or stop in the southeastern province of Chubut, with its little-known gem, the Cholila valley:

Back in the capital city, don’t miss out on the tango. It is, after all, undeniably beautiful:

Buenos Aires Festival y Mundial de Tango, 2014

Back outdoors, bet you didn’t know Argentina is home to the highest mountain outside of Asia. Behold the illustrious Aconcagua mountain:

Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America reflected in small pond on a trail to the summit, Argentina

And while all this is very nice, don’t forget to eat every once in a while:

Argentina’s iconic cookie, the alfajor

Because you’ll need nourishment to take in the stunning Spegazzini glacier icebergs:

The icebergs of Spegazzini glacier

Or see the sun rise over majestic Mount Fitz Roy (already on your itinerary? click here):

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