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The Top 10 Things to See and Do in Resistencia, Argentina
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The Top 10 Things to See and Do in Resistencia, Argentina

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Updated: 21 January 2018

The capital of Argentina’s northeastern Chaco region, Resistencia is renowned for its warm, subtropical climate, friendly gaucho inhabitants, and an abundance of elegant statues scattered throughout the city. Here’s what to see and do in town.

Bienal de Escultura Festival

Travelers who happen to visit in the third week of July on even years must check out this incredible festival which sees the country’s finest master sculptures chisel away at a new creation over several days in full public view. It’s held at the renowned MusEUM.

MusEUM, Av. de los Inmigrantes 1001, 3500 Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina +54 362 441-5020


Those who can’t make the festival should stop by MusEUM anyway, not least to have a gander at the myriad of impressive sculptures that have won prizes at the Bienal de Escultura in previous years. Better yet, staff hand out brochures which contain a self-guided walking tour of the city’s best statues.

MusEUM, Av. de los Inmigrantes 1001, 3500 Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina +54 362 441-5020

Museum of the Chaqueño Man

For some insight into the fascinating culture of the Chaco, pay a visit to this small yet informative central museum. Exhibits cover everything from early indigenous inhabitants to the mixed raced and migrant population, including numerous artifacts from all three.


Museo del Hombre Chaqueño | © Pertile/Wikipedia

El Fogón de los Arrieros

Since 1943, this popular art gallery and cultural center has been at the forefront of Resistencia’s arts community, showcasing a collection of impressive contemporary and classical works from the region and throughout Argentina. The highlight for us were the woodcarvings of local superstar Juan de Dios Mena.

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Espacio Originario

Looking to add some indigenous Chaco art to your collection? Then pay a visit to this small central gallery which sells an array of handicrafts such as weavings, bags, and hats from the city’s best artisans. It’s only open in the mornings, and the price to quality ratio is very reasonable.

Espacio Originario, Carlos Pellegrini 274, H3504CBR Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina

Laguna Argüello

A favorite spot for courting couples and families, this pleasant lagoon near the center is a tranquil place to spend a lazy afternoon. Bring a picnic with a bottle of wine then hire a paddleboat and cruise around the lake for maximum relaxation.

Laguna Argüello, Resistencia, Chaco Province, Argentina


Laguna Argüello | © Pertile/Wikipedia

Democracy Park

On the northern end of town on the banks of the Rio Negro lies the Parque De La Democracia, a large green space popular with locals after some rest and recreation. Most come in the late afternoon to walk or cycle along its footpaths or cruise around the river in a hired boat.

Parque de la Democracia, Av. Sarmiento 2200, Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina +54 362 477-8496

Rene Brusau Fine Arts Museums

Arts aficionados would do well to stop by the excellent Museo de Bellas Artes Rene Brusau, a fine arts museum that exhibits an excellent collection of local, national and international works (Picasso was on display here in 2015). It’s attached to Resistencia’s Casa de Cultura.

Museo Provincial De Bellas Artes Rene Brusau, H3500BLD, Mitre 119, H3500BLD Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina 


Resistencia Fine Arts Museum | © Pertile/Wikipedia

Iglesia Catedral de Resistencia

As Resistencia’s main cathedral, the Iglesia Catedral de Resistencia may appear somewhat underwhelming to most travelers, mainly due to the fact the city was founded much later than most and was slow to adopt Christianity. Nevertheless, it’s worth a quick look, as is the adjacent Plaza 25 de Mayo.

Iglesia Catedral de Resistencia, Resistencia, Chaco Province, Argentina +54 362 442-8684

Juan Segundo Restaurant

For a taste of Resentica’s excellent regional cuisine, head on down to Juan Segundo, a classic Argentine eatery with checkered floor tiles and exposed brick walls. Their barbeque meats are good but it’s the grilled fish that really steal the show.