The Top 10 Places to Try Argentine Craft Beer in Buenos Aires

The Buena Birra Social Club | Courtesy of Buena Birra Social Club
The Buena Birra Social Club | Courtesy of Buena Birra Social Club
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Contributor17 May 2017

You may be in the land of wine—yes, yes, enough about Malbec—but that doesn’t mean you might not hanker for a beer while you’re here. Good timing, actually, as craft beer is on the rise in Argentina. With microbreweries popping up all over Buenos Aires, you can now do better than a store-bought can of Quilmes, Argentina’s answer to cheap canned beer. Keep an eye out for beers made by Juguetes Perdidos, currently one of the hottest brewmasters in the city. And speaking of top-notch, here are the best spots to get beer on tap in Buenos Aires.


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Berlina is a leading craft brewer from Patagonia that has made its home in the capital city as well, to the great joy of Buenos Aires’s beer enthusiasts (word to the wise: Bariloche’s Blest is opening in Palermo in September). Argentina’s south has traditionally had a stronger brew culture than in the nation’s capital, although that’s starting to change. Berlina makes strong, German-inspired brews that vary by season. Check them out here.

Buena Birra Social Club

The Buena Birra Social Club, or the Good Beer Social Club, is as its name proclaims—a place with good vibes where guests can hang out and drink tasty beer. The Palermo pub offers 12 beers on top, nine of which are made in-house. Buena Birra has gotten so popular that it’s sprung a second location in Colegiales. Click here for more on the Palermo location and here for Colegiales.

Multiple locations in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Buena Birra Social Club | Courtesy of Buena Birra Social Club

Bélgica Caballito

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A customer enjoying a taster at Bélgica Caballito
A customer enjoying a taster at Bélgica Caballito | Courtesy of Bélgica Caballito
Bélgica Caballito has Buenos Aires quite enamored with its fine Belgian brews. The owners of Juguetes Perdidos are behind the place, so you can count on seeing some of their brews on tap, as well as other types of craft beer in case a heady Belgian-style brew isn’t going to do it for you. Located in the central neighborhood of Caballito, the increasingly popular bar-restaurant does not take reservations, so get there early if you want a seat. Find more info here.


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Bierlife in San Telmo—a neighborhood quickly becoming to Buenos Aires what hipster-art nexus Williamsburg is to New York—wants to know if you’d like to not only drink beer but “eat” it as well. That’s because even the food at Bierlife features beer-making ingredients, which is kind of fun. The pub, which offers 40 beers on tap, will keep even the most dedicated beer-taster busy for hours. Check them out here.

The Prancing Pony

The Prancing Pony in Boedo offers a host of seasonally changing Argentine beers on tap in an ambiance best described as Lazily Lord of the Rings. While there’s an occasional nod to fantasy—namely, a good number of shields and coats of armor on the walls—it’s not like you’re going to sit down next to a life-size statue of Gandalf. Hardly. In fact, when there’s a soccer game on, the televised match quickly becomes the focus of the place. In other words, you don’t need to have a great love for hobbits to enjoy The Prancing Pony, but do not be surprised if the beers on tap are written up in a rune-like manner. All told, it’s a unique little spot in Boedo that’s good for chumming up and toasting a few. Another benefit: it’s not in Palermo, so the prices are more reasonable. Click here for more information.

The Prancing Pony, Carlos Calvo 3737, C1230ABM, Bueno Aires, Argentina, +54 11 2061-1078

The Prancing Pony in Boedo, Buenos Aires | Courtesy of The Prancing Pony


Cossab is a Viking-inspired pub with locations in the quiet neighborhoods of Boedo and Villa Urquiza. Their vibe is kind of hilarious and random—troll their Facebook, and you’ll get everyone from the Simpsons to Santa extolling the virtues of beer. Cossab’s well-liked by brew lovers here. Check out their Boedo place here and Villa Urquiza here.

Multiple locations in Buenos Aires, Argentina

On Tap

Take a stroll through the city (actually, take this stroll), and you’re likely to stumble across On Tap at some point. With six locations throughout the city, the pub has boomed in the past several years. Their Palermo location alone boasts 20 beers on tap, most of which will be good but not all of which are guaranteed to be amazing. They’re all from local microbreweries, however, making On Tap a good destination if you want to get the lay of the land in one fell swoop. Check their website for locations and hours.

Multiple locations in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Breoghan Brew Bar in San Telmo, Buenos Aires | Courtesy of Breoghan Brew Bar

El Fermentador

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El Fermentador is the place to go if you love rock, you love beer, and you love them both together. Located in a little-trafficked area of Caballito, the young pub is gaining momentum. Its walls are full of posters of big heavy metal and rock bands, and the bar offers local brews on tap as well as beers imported from Germany and the Czech Republic. Find out more here.
If reading this article hasn’t made you thirsty enough to head over there and try one of them, nothing will.

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