The Best Things to Do With Kids in Mendoza

There are plenty of activities for kids in Mendoza! | © La ruta del Arte/Flickr
There are plenty of activities for kids in Mendoza! | © La ruta del Arte/Flickr
Photo of Sorcha O'Higgins
18 September 2017

Few would associate the wine mecca of Mendoza with a multitude of attractions for children, but the city has plenty to offer younger visitors. For those still not of age to sample the region’s vineyards, there are many other activities available to keep kids, young and old, occupied. We check out the best things to do with kids in Mendoza.

Cacheuta Water Park

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Take it easy in the slow river
Take it easy in the slow river | © Leandro Martinez/Flickr
This renowned complex of thermal baths is the perfect outing for families with kids. Take a day trip to languish in the warm Mendocino waters of the baths while the kids shoot down the numerous slides, relax in the slow river which circles the wave pool or make friends in the kids’ corner. The park also has grilling facilities and a restaurant if you don’t feel up for cooking. A firm favorite with families who venture to Mendoza seeking fun beyond the vineyards.


Depending on your children’s age, a ride through the hills and fields of Mendoza could be just the thing to keep them entertained during the day. There are plenty of half-day horseback riding tours that are child-friendly, such as a relaxed ride through the Mendocino foothills on a criollo horse. Many of these tours also include a barbecue lunch, and transport to and from Mendoza city, only about 30 minutes away from where the tour begins.

Bike tours

Renting bikes is one of the best ways to see Mendoza | © Eduardo Zárate/Flickr

The are plenty of bike tour options in Mendoza, whether you want to go on a group outing organized by a bike tour company, or decide to tour around yourself on a rental bike. A great option for families is renting a tandem bike, allowing you and your child to experience the great outdoors together. And, let’s be honest, it’s more fun than a regular bike. Check out this company that rents bikes and also does bike tours in Maipu.

Skiing in Las Leñas

What kid doesn’t love snow? Snow means snowmen, snowballs, sledding and, of course, skiing! Las Leñas is one of the largest ski resorts in the Argentine Andes, perfect for families visiting Mendoza in winter – not an ideal time for visiting vineyards anyway! The resort has ski schools and equipment rentals, so even novice skiers can practice their skills on the Mendocino slopes. Check out the resort’s webpage for more details.

River rafting

Brave the rapids on the Mendoza river | © OsvaldoROVE/Flickr

White-water rafting on the Mendoza river is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the region and a huge favorite with kids, who get a thrill out of crashing through the waves thrown up by the river as it rushes downstream. There are often age or height restrictions on children who wish to participate, so make sure your kids meet the requirements, as no one wants to see the disappointed face of a kid who can’t go rafting. This company organizes half and full-day rafting tours.

A day in the park

The city of Mendoza has many wonderful parks, all beautifully landscaped and well-maintained, with the privilege of being at the foot of the imposing Andes, looming large in the background. Kids can splash about in the man-made lake, or have a picnic on the grass. There is also a swimming pool in the Club Mendoza de Regata.

Rock climbing

If your children are the outdoorsy kind, then they would love rock climbing. Mendoza has some wonderful sites for beginners and experienced rock climbers alike. Home to the famous Mount Aconcagua, Mendoza is a rock climber’s paradise, with many options for kids who relish a challenge in the outdoors. Here is a list of tour operators.