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A family holiday in Argentina
A family holiday in Argentina | © Kiran Foster / Flickr
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The 7 Best Family-Friendly Attractions in Argentina

Picture of Sorcha O'Higgins
Updated: 4 May 2018
Argentina may not be the first place that comes to mind when planning a family holiday. Many families will head to Disneyland or to a beach resort to make sure their children are entertained, but the more adventurous families out there will delight in the wealth of activities Argentina has to offer both for parents and their kids. Here’s our pick of the best attractions.

Visit Iguazu Falls

Thundering cascades in a lush jungle with monkeys clambering up trees and butterflies flitting through the air may sound like the setting for an exciting children’s book, but it is a real place! Iguazu Falls in the northern Argentine province of Misiones is a wonderland for families, where they can explore the hot jungle before taking a boat ride under the Falls themselves.

Iguazu Falls, Misiones Province, Argentina, +54 3757 491469

The amazing Iguazu National Park, Argentina
The amazing Iguazu National Park, Argentina | © Niall Williams / Flickr

Go white water-rafting in Mendoza

Older kids will love tackling the rapids on a white water rafting excursion on the Mendoza river. The area might be better known to adults for its delicious Malbec, wineries and restaurants, but there’s also plenty of amazing outdoor activities on offer for thrill-seeking kids. You can try white water-rafting one day, and horse-riding or rock climbing the next – there’s fun for all the family.

Discover the Iberá Wetlands

Children love getting out of the classroom to go on a nature walk or a field trip with school, but the Iberá Wetlands is a field trip like no other. This amazing, virgin marshland is home to myriad native animals, and travelers can take private boat trips through the marshes, guided by locals who will point out animals along the way, before watching the sun set over the leafy horizon.

Ibera Wetlands, Esteros del Iberá, Corrientes, Argentina

The Iberá Wetlands are home to fascinating wildlife
The Iberá Wetlands are home to fascinating wildlife | © Pablo Dodda / Flickr

Spend a day at Tierra Santa (Holy Land), Buenos Aires

Theme parks are a hit with most children and Tierra Santa in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires has to be one of the most unique theme parks in the world. A homage to Christianity, this South American wonderland has lots of fun exhibits, performances, and the piéce de resistance: a giant rotating Jesus that emerges from the ground upon the hour to give his blessings over Buenos Aires.

Tierra Santa, Av. Costanera Rafael Obligado 5790, C1425 DAA CABA, Argentina, +54 11 4784 9551

Family hiking in Córdoba

For families who love the great outdoors, there is perhaps nowhere better in Argentina to indulge in some leisurely hiking than in the central province of Córdoba. While the city of Cordoba is known for its vibrant nightlife, the surrounding sierras are an abundance of rivers, creeks, hills and valleys, and there are plenty of places to stop on a road trip of the area to check out the sights.

Córdoba, Argentina

Go camping in Bariloche

A trip to Bariloche in Argentine Patagonia offers fun for all the family. From a day of chocolate-shopping and ice-skating in town, to driving the incredibly stunning Circuito Chico and checking out views over the seven lakes, Bariloche wows with its beauty. Given the proliferation of so many lakes, there are numerous campgrounds you can stay on to take advantage of the pristine scenery.

Bariloche, Argentina

Camping in Bariloche at Refugio Frey
Camping in Bariloche at Refugio Frey | © McKay Savage / Flickr

Spot wildlife in Valdés Peninsula

Between June and December, wildlife enthusiasts should head south to the Patagonian region of Peninsula Valdés to come face-to-face with some of the world’s most incredible species. Take a boat out to see the enormous southern right whale (baleen whale), walk among a huge colony of Magellanic penguins, or watch elephant seals face off against each other. Valdés Peninsula really is a wonderful spectacle of the natural world.

Península Valdés, Chubut Province, Argentina