The 10 Best Restaurants In Retiro, Buenos Aires

The 10 Best Restaurants In Retiro, Buenos Aires
Retiro is a bustling tourist section of Buenos Aires. There are plenty of delicious spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From pizza to sushi to steak, here’s our guide to the top restaurants in Retiro.
A Creative Commons Image: Dada Bistro Beatrice Murch/Flickr

El Mirasol

El Mirasol is a traditional Argentine steakhouse. Dining here is about relaxation and slow enjoyment: make sure to take advantage of the huge selection of Argentine wines to go with your meal. If you aren’t a beef eater, there are plenty of chicken, lamb, pig, and vegetarian options. Save some room for dessert – the Copa “La Recova” is a dulce de leche sundae with hot chocolate sauce.
Address and Phone Number: Posadas 1032 C1011ABB CABA Argentina +54 11 4326-7322

Gran Bar Danzon

It’s tough to think of something Gran Bar Danzon doesn’t do right. The servings are huge and shareable, so try ordering one or two for a party of four before you order anything else. Be as wary about the drinks, as they’re delicious but they pack a serious punch, and they’re cheap, so you may be tempted to have more than you can handle. Gran Bar Danzon is far from traditional, serving pork egg rolls and sushi: their Bloody Mary is topped with a spicy roll.
Address and Phone Number: Libertad 1161 C1012AAW Buenos Aires Argentina +54 11 4811-1108

Grand Cafe

Cafe, Argentina, $$$
A Creative Commons Image: The Four Seasons, Buenos Aires
A Creative Commons Image: The Four Seasons, Buenos Aires | Beatrice Murch/Flickr
In Buenos Aires breakfast is sometimes hard to come by, so make a trip to Grand Cafe if you feel like you’re missing the most important meal of the day. The coffee is fantastic as well, as the baristas stock several different roasts and can make just about any espresso drink you like. Lunch is tasty (and quick, a rarity in Argentina) at Grand Cafe as well.
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If you’re looking for an elegant night out in Retiro, Elena is the place to go. The restaurant is in the gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel, and it lives up to the standard of quality you’d expect from the world-renowned luxury hotel chain. Our recommendation is to make a reservation on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, because Elena serves a special rotisserie item on those days. After dinner stop by the neighboring lounge, Pony Line, for a drink and a dance.
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Restaurant, Spanish, $$$
A Creative Commons Image: Juana M
A Creative Commons Image: Juana M | DieselDemon/Flickr
Catalonia meets Buenos Aries at Tancat, a restaurant serving traditional Spanish food. The menu is long and diverse, and we recommend Tancat for seafood lovers. They have delicious ceviche and fried fish. Eating at Tancat is fun because most of the dishes are tapas, meaning you can order a lot and share. The desserts at Tancat are also quite tasty, and represent a fusion of Argentine and Catalan cuisine.
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Juana M.

Juana M. is part art galley and part steakhouse, with a few menu additions. The entrance is a little tough to spot, so don’t think you’re lost right away if you don’t find it. Juana M. is a great place if your group needs to compromise: meat lovers will be thrilled with the lengthy selection of steaks and other meats, and for those who are tired of Argentine beef, Juana M. also makes pasta in house.
Address and Phone Number: Carlos Pellegrini 1535 C1011AAE CABA Argentina +54 11 4328-6661

El Federal

El Federal screams trendy, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The staff is friendly and warm, and will be happy to answer your questions about any of Argentina’s traditional dishes. El Federal is committed to serving each guest a selection of traditional dishes – in fact, we recommend trying their preset menu ‘Argentina en 6 pasos.’ You’ll be served six small dishes, each of which are inspired by a different region of Argentina.
Address and Phone Number: San Martín 1015 Cdad. Autónoma de Buenos Aires Argentina +54 11 4313-1324

Las Nazarenas

Las Nazarenas is known for their barbecue and meat lovers should definitely make it a stop while touring Retiro. Before you sit down, ask to see the open pit where suckling pigs, racks of ribs, and countless other meats are roasting. The steaks are delicious but at Las Nazarenas, it’s better to order a different meat entree that is cooked over the fire. Besides meat, Las Nazarenas is a go to spot for sweet treats as their dessert menu is legendary.
Address and Phone Number: Reconquista 1132, Cdad. Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina (11) 4312-5559