7 Epic Reasons Why You Must Visit Misiones, Argentina's Jungle Province

The amazing Iguazu National Park, Argentina
The amazing Iguazu National Park, Argentina | © Niall Williams / Flickr
Many visitors to Argentina will arrive in Buenos Aires, spend some time in the vibrant city, then head north to see the natural wonder that is the Iguazu Falls, located in the province of Misiones. But there is more to see and do in Misiones after you’ve had your fill of the Falls. Here are the best reasons why you should spend more time in Argentina’s jungle province.

View the world-class waterfalls

No mention of Misiones would be complete without including the inimitable Iguazu Falls. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and located within a national park, this collection of 275 cascades is one of the most stunning natural spectacles you are ever likely to see. And if one waterfall isn’t enough for you, Misiones is also home to another famous local waterfall – the unique Moconá Falls (or Yucuma Falls bordering neighbouring Brazil), a 3km (1.6-mile) long linear cascade that runs parallel to a river.

The amazing falls at Iguazu, Misiones © Christian Haugen / Flickr

Make a pilgrimage to the religious ruins

Misiones was one of the areas in Argentina which was taken over by Jesuit missionaries in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Jesuits constructed four reductions, communal living, educational and religious complexes where they attempted to convert the local indigenous peoples to Christianity. The ruins of these reductions can be visited today, with San Ignacio Miní being the reduction in the best state of preservation.

Get up close to the majestic wildlife

Being that most of Misiones is covered by lush jungle, it is no surprise that a huge array of native wildlife can be found in the area. When visiting the Iguazu Falls you will encounter coati, capuchin monkeys and butterflies aplenty. There are numerous guided tours that will take you into the jungle if you want to get a closer look at a more diverse range of species.

A coati in Misiones © Tambako The Jaguar / Flickr

Appreciate the incredible nature

Misiones is a wonderland for nature lovers, and one of the best places that you can go to experience virgin territory is the Ibera Wetlands. Located in Corrientes to the south of Misiones, a trip to the wetlands will bring you into contact with marshland habitats where many different animals live, which you can explore on horseback. Stick around for the sunsets, which are some of the most impressive you can see in Argentina.

See a different side to Argentina

Many visitors to Argentina will have heard about the country’s European heritage, so a trip to Misiones offers travellers a window onto a different side of Argentina. There are a number of indigenous communities that reside in this province, which still maintain customs and traditions that are not seen in other parts of Argentina.

Try a new language

Spanish is the main language spoken in Argentina, although it has its own local flavour, slang and vocabulary. Castellano, as it is called, pervades through most of the country, but in Misiones, many people still speak Guaraní, an ancient language that was spoken by the Guaraní tribesmen and is still the official language of Paraguay today.

Visit the countries on the borders

Misiones is the northernmost state in Argentina, and this slim finger of land is bordered by Paraguay and Brazil. Many visitors to the Iguazu Falls will tick another country off the list by crossing to the Brazilian side, while many locals will hop over to Ciudad del Este in Paraguay to indulge in some retail therapy, given the proliferation of shopping malls in the city.

The Parana River between Argentina and Paraguay © Diego Torres Silvestre / Flickr