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Lord Howe Island | © Peter Pham/Flickr
Lord Howe Island | © Peter Pham/Flickr

15 Reasons Why Australia is the Most Beautiful Place on Earth

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Updated: 14 November 2017

Australia is home to some of the most diverse landscapes in the world. With a plethora of stunning snow-capped mountains, white sprawling sandy beaches, impressive million-year-old rock formations, mountain ranges, islands of paradise and tropical rain forests, travellers come from far and wide. This is why Australia is the most beautiful place in the world.

Whitsunday Islands

If it is at all possible, the Whitsunday Islands are even more breathtaking in person than in photographs. That’s a pretty impressive feat when the postcard images evoke notions of paradise on the highest levels. In search of nirvana? Look no further.

Whitsunday Islands. Queensland. Australia.


Whitsunday Islands | © werner22brigitte/Pixabay


Sydney Harbour

Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales, packs quite a punch. But it is Sydney Harbour, the heart of the town, where the real magic happens. With Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House standing side by side, it’s quite a stunning sight. No wonder why Sydney has been voted on many occasions in ‘Best City in the World’ lists from reputable sites such as (2017) and CNN Travel (2017).

Sydney Harbour. New South Wales. Australia.


Sydney Harbour | © Filipe Castilhos/Flickr



This spectacular sight promises nature in its fullest, all just a few hours from Sydney. Named Uluru (or Ayers Rock), the main attraction is at the heart of Northern Territory’s ‘Red Centre’, within Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Catch it at sunset to experience its beauty in its fullest.

Uluru (Ayers Rock). Petermann. Northern Territory. Australia.


Uluru | © Ed Dunens/Flickr


Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest reef eco-system spanning 2,300 kilometres along Queensland, Australia. It is not only listed as one of The Seven Natural Wonders Of The World but also a UNESCO World Heritage site. From tropical schools of kaleidoscope fish to colourful, complex reef systems, this is most certainly one of the most beautiful natural displays in the world, not just Australia.

Great Barrier Reef. Queensland. Australia.


Under water world, the Great Barrier Reef | © Brian Kinney/Shutterstock


Painted Cliffs

The Painted Cliffs on Maria Island are a stunning sight in Tasman. Let the mind boggle while inspecting these seemingly other-worldly sandstone rock formations which have developed over centuries of water percolating through rock. Best view of these beauties is at low tide.

Painted Cliffs. Maria Island. Australia.


Painted Cliffs | © Sasapee/Shutterstock


Daintree Rainforest

This tropical rainforest in Queensland is one of the most impressive experiences to be had in Australia. At approximately 1,200 square kilometres, it is the largest area of continuous rainforest on the continent as well as one of the most complex rain forest eco-systems in the world, representing the origins of Australia flora, native botanics as well as stunning scenery galore.

Daintree Rainforest. 2333 Cape Tribulation Road. Cape Tribulation. Queensland. Australia. +61 (07) 4098 9126


Daintree Rainforest | © Kimberly Vardeman/Flickr


Kings Canyon

Set in Watarrka National Park in the Northern Territory, Kings Canyon is proof that Australia in undeniably one of the most beautiful places in the world. With a vivid red hue alighting the landscape and wild Aussie bush as far and the eye can see, visitors are inundated with an endless supply of camping and hiking options in this striking National Park.

Kings Canyon. Luritja Road. Petermann. Northern Territory. Australia.


Kings Canyon | © Tchami/Flickr


Penguin Island

Not far from Perth is the aptly named Penguin Island. Home to approximately 1,200 penguins, this spot brings beauty and wildlife together in one neat little package. Not only is this the stomping grounds of the world’s smallest penguins, but you can also catch dolphins and rare Australian sea lions in this gorgeous natural habitat.

Penguin Island. Western Australia. Australia.


Penguin Island | © Libor Fousek/Shutterstock


Lake Hillier

This mind-boggling pink lake is one of Australia’s most stunning sights. The saline lake which resides at the edge of Middle Island off the Southern coast of Western Australia is surrounded by sand and terrific woodlands of paperbark and eucalyptus trees, making this natural wonder quite a sight. Its unusual colour is a result of the presence of a micro-algae called Dunaliella salina.

Lake Hillier. Goldfields-Esperance. Western Australia. Australia.


Lake Hillier | © Kurioziteti123/WikiCommons


The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s most popular destinations for its outstanding natural beauty and sensational scenery. Spanning 243 kilometres along the South-Eastern coast of Australia, The Great Ocean Road is home to some of Australia’s most impressive natural sights, such as the Twelve Apostles and the Great Ocean Walk.

Great Ocean Road. Princes Highway. Allansford. Victoria. Australia. 


The Great Ocean Road | © 士航 魏/Flickr


Australian Alps

The Australian Alps is the highest mountain range in Australia as well as one of the most impressive. Located in South-Eastern Australia, these mighty Alps soaring up to 6,600 feet above sea level. Boasting annual snowfall, these slopes are home to 12 ski resorts welcoming snow-riders from all over the globe each year.

Australian Alps. Victoria. Australia.


Australian Alps | © Peter Campbell/WikiCommons


Lord Howe Island

This little piece of the tropics can be found in the Tasman Sea, between Australia and New Zealand. Only a short two-hour flight from Sydney, Lord Howe Island is paradise personified. Enjoy the beauty of this island best by foot on endless hikes and trails or by water, diving on the coral reef.

Lord Howe Island Group. Tasman Sea. Australia.


Lord Howe Island | © Fanny Schertzer/WikiCommons


Bungle Bungle Range

The Bungle Bungle Range is a remarkable piece of nature to enjoy when in Australia. Set in Purnululu National Park in Western Australia, the Bungle Bungle Range consists of awe-inspiring dome-shaped rock formations made up of sandstone and  conglomerates (a fusion of pebbles and boulders), developing for over a staggering 350 million years.

Bungle Bungle Range. Western Australia. Australia.


Bungle Bungle Range | © Philip Schubert/Shutterstock


Wallaman Falls

Wallaman Falls is Australia’s tallest single-drop waterfall. Set in the lush surroundings of Girringun National Park in Queensland, it makes up part of th  UNESCO World Heritage-listed Wet Tropics of Queensland and is a sight not to be missed. The waterfall reaches over 879 feet with a 66-foot deep plunge pool at its base.

Wallaman Falls. Lookout Road. Wallaman. Queensland. Australia.


Wallaman Falls | © Jim Bendon/Flickr


Kangaroo Island

Just off the coast of South Australia lies Kangaroo Island. As the name suggests, Kangaroo Island is home to a healthy number of roos as well as Australian fur seals, koalas, echidnas and wallabies. There’s also plenty of adventure activities, beaches and impressive landscapes, such as the truly remarkable rock formations, appropriately named Remarkable Rocks.

Kangaroo Island. South Australia. Australia. 


Kangaroo Island | © Paul Asman-Jill Lenoble/WikiCommons


Australian Outback

Ingrained in our minds from Hollywood smash hits like Crocodile Dundee, the Australian Outback is a formidable but alluring place, a force to be reckoned with and conquered in equal measure. This beautiful, expansive desert which resides in the heart of Australia is intended for true adventurers only, which makes it a pretty enticing challenge. It is here that Australia’s true beauty shines big and bright.


Australian Outback | © Shubham/Flickr