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The Best Restaurants And Cafes In Bondi, Sydney
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The Best Restaurants And Cafes In Bondi, Sydney

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Updated: 9 February 2017
A day in the surf conjures up the most rumbling of tummies, and you deserve the best meal you can find after that strenuous lying around on beautiful Bondi Beach all day. Visit one of these top restaurants and cafes in Bondi Beach, Sydney
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Sean’s Panorama

Set in a breathtaking space, Sean’s Panorama is a breath of fresh air (literally) on the beach side of Bondi. The simple food is never a let down and it is the perfect meal to eat out when traveling, when you are sick of ‘restaurant’ cuisine that all seems a little bit too much. The fresh roses on the table and the view of surfers from the window doesn’t hurt either.

Sean’s Panorama, 270 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach NSW 2026, Sydney, +61 2 9365 4924

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Joe & Willey’s Depot Café

A great view is what everyone’s after in Bondi, and you’re guaranteed to get it at Jo & Willey’s Depot Café. The top contender on the Bondi breakfast scene pumps out smooth coffee with your classic meal favorites. At night, the cafe transforms itself into a wine bar with cheap house wine and brilliant beers.

Jo & Willey’s Depot Cafe, 286 Campbell Parade, North Bondi, 2026, Sydney, +61 2 9300 0077

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China Diner

The creative pan-Asian cuisine served at China Diner can make for a relaxed night on the town, although there is the option to eat in the more formal dining room. Either way, the South-East Asian and Chinese options offer a fresh approach to Asian cuisine that you won’t find elsewhere in Sydney. The cocktail list is impressive, and there’s nothing better than sharing plates with all your friends.

China Diner, 75/77-79 Hall St, Bondi Beach, 2026, Sydney, +61 2 9130 2333

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This very authentic Italian restaurant will make you feel as though you’re in Europe. The strong drinks and the breadsticks to start are like something straight out of Italy, and the selection of Italian wines will satisfy the most pretentious of wine connoisseurs. The pizza and gelato, however, is the major draw to Pompei’s. The salami and ricotta calzone is other-worldly.

Pompei’s, 126-130 Roscoe St, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026, Sydney, +61 2 9365 1233

Pizza at Pompei's © Alpha/Flickr
Pizza at Pompei’s | © Alpha/Flickr
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Two & Twelve

Atmosphere is of huge importance to the owners of Two & Twelve, with delicious smells and top tunes creating a buzzing vibe that has regulars returning again and again. The food is perfect for the carnivores out there, and the urban fit-out really puts you in the mood for a big rack of smoked ribs.

Two & Twelve, 141 Curlewis St, Bondi Beach NSW 2026, Sydney, +61 2 9130 1336

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Perhaps the most well-known restaurant in Bondi, Icebergs, offers a menu curated by celebrity chef Monty Koludrovic. It crafts modern Italian fare in a light-filled seaside dining room. The building has dining room, bar and outdoor terrace, all with excellent views across the bay. The food combined with the atmosphere and luxury of this beautiful restaurant will ensure you have not just a dinner, but an experience to remember.

Icebergs, 1 Notts Ave, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026, Sydney, +61 2 9365 9000

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Bondi Picnic

The shiny wooden floorboards of Bondi Picnic suggest anything other than a picnic, but the plants decorating the venue help bring the outdoors into to this magnificent restaurant. The open-arms feel of the corner-located coffee shop will draw you in. This place’s warm breakfast muffins and delicious coffee will not disappoint.

Bondi Picnic, 101 Hall Street, Bondi, NSW 2026, Sydney

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Sprout Café

A slightly more vegetarian-friendly option, Sprout Café offers a range of nourishing wholefoods-style meals at great prices. People frightened of gluten will also have their needs met at the cafe. This place is located out of the main drag, meaning you will be well attended to and hopefully won’t have to wait for a table, like at many other places in busy Bondi. That’s not to say it’s not popular. The salmon burger is regularly talked about among Bondi’s foodie community.

Sprout Café, 68 Gould St, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026, Sydney, +61 2 9365 3191

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Mr Moustache

Beetroot chips and guacamole and the vegetarian tacos are a few of the refreshingly different drawcards to Mr Moustache. This place is located conveniently just a few streets back from the beach. The extensive cocktails menu is impressive and will guarantee a great start to any night out.

Mr Moustache, 75-79 Hall St, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026, Sydney, +61 2 9300 8892

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Pasticceria Papa

The welcoming staff and comforting food at Pasticceria Papa make for a memorable afternoon tea. This cafe and restaurant also has the best Italian patisserie in Sydney. Order the legendary ricotta cheesecake or indulge in Papa’s famous gelato and leave with your tastebuds singing a song of praise.

Pasticceria Papa, 79 Hall Street, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026, Sydney, +61 2 9300 8644