The Best Vegan Spots In Adelaide

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3 August 2016

With veganism becoming more and more popular worldwide, it’s hard not to notice the vegan eateries popping up around your town. Even in the land down under, veganism is exploding. Australian vegan YouTubers like Freelee the Banana Girl are developing a cult following online, while Australia is the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world.

Adelaide is an exceptionally beautiful cultural destination lying among the most famed wine and food-growing regions in South Australia, and we can’t resist the urge to show you some of the best local natural, organic, and even raw-food friendly 100% vegan places in Adelaide. Whether you’re a hardcore vegan or just interested in trying some of the best produce this stunning region has to offer, these spots are sure to make for trip highlights.

Pure Vegetarian

Pure Vegetarian, aka Mr. Soybean, is an all-vegan food stall in Market Plaza Food Court next to the Adelaide Central market. If you’re in love with Asian food, this is the right place for you! Here, you can find your favorite vegetable curry, sweet and sour seitan, spicy eggplant, ribbon mock fish fillets, fried hokkien noodles, and all kinds of deliciously prepared tofu. Their fake meats are also real standouts. Plus, for those with a sweet tooth, traditional Southeast Asian desserts are also on the menu!

Overall, the food there is excellent and extremely affordable. Combo meals come with rice or noodles and a glass of soy milk, so you won’t have to worry about being hungry afterwards. Just grab some food from Pure Vegetarian, put in a picnic lunch box, and go find your inner peace and comfort in Adelaide’s beautiful Himeji gardens.

Picture: <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Finding Tingo</a> | Picture: Finding Tingo

Vego and Love’n It

Vego and Love’n It is one of the oldest and most-loved veggie places in Adelaide. Previously vegetarian and now 100% vegan, Vego offers all kind of delicious and inexpensive burgers, soups, falafel, and salads. But why do people love this tiny place so much? Sure, their lentil soup is great, but it’s definitely their amazing burgers that really make this a standout.

The burgers here are made from scratch right in front of your eyes, and if there’s anything that everyone should try, it’s definitely the Mexican burger. With its irresistible cheesy sauce, the Vego Mexican burger sets the benchmark for vegan burgers. They’re also certainly not shy about size, so if you’re into gigantic vegan burgers, this place is worth a visit.

Spicy Mushroom Burger / <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Adelaide Food Central</a> | Spicy Mushroom Burger / Adelaide Food Central

Bliss Organic Garden Cafe

This place deserves its name. Bliss Organic Garden Cafe is an organic vegan cafe under the trees that feels like a vegan Eden. When you sit in the garden you’ll be approached by the cheerful and always-helpful wait staff. They’ll serve you delightful dishes which are always fresh, delicious, low-fat, and healthy. Both the food and the outdoor atmosphere here are sensational, though there’s no question their amazing cakes are the highlight.

7 Compton St, Adelaide +413 882 310 205

Bliss Organic Cafe’s Ray Wang. Picture: Stephen Laffer

Juice Lovers Juicery

Juice Lovers Juicery is a tiny all-vegan and raw-food-friendly juice bar in Regent Arcade. They have an extensive list of fresh drinks and smoothies for all tastes. There are many great combinations, with all juices freshly cold-pressed using the best fruits and veggies available.

Besides the mind-blowing variety of juices and smoothies, there’s also a huge menu of vegan foods, both sweet and savoury. Our personal favourite is the Chilli Non Carne: it’s spicy, warming, and served with corn chips. From their sweet stuff, try their raw cakes. Best of all, everything is vegan, fresh, and healthy!

Juice Lovers Juicery, Picture: Twitter

Cherry Darlings Bakehouse

Cherry Darlings is a 100% vegan bakery, a favourite place for many Adelaide residents who might not even know that everything there contains no traces of egg or dairy. They have a neat little vegan cafe and offer a huge variety of savoury pies, sweet baked goods, donuts, coffee, and breakfast.

Old school vegans couldn’t have dreamt of such a place where they could find delicious vegan ice cream, cupcakes, and other delights that haven’t been so widely available and veganized to perfection in the past. Cherry Darlings Bakehouse is a must for everyone, not just vegans—although it might be tricky for anyone on a gluten-free diet.

Cherry Darlings Bakehouse owners Sharleen and Tim Salmon in Forestville. Picture: Tricia Watkinson

Vegan Festival Adelaide

Ever heard about the festival culture in Adelaide? It might be winter in Australia right now, but with warmer months around the corner, countless festivals and sport events abound in Adelaide.

Vegans definitely know how to have fun and organise their annual Vegan Festival Adelaide. This year, Vegan Festival Adelaide 2016 is coming to Victoria Square on November 5th and 6th for two days of celebrating, promoting, and providing education on living a happy, healthy, compassionate, and sustainable vegan lifestyle. There will be stalls with amazing vegan food and products in addition to empowering cooking demonstrations and a lot of fun!

Photo: Nourish by Nicole / Youtube

There’s a whole community of vegans out there, in addition to great places to eat, drink, and be dedicated to love and compassion towards all living, sentient beings. Go explore and see why we’re so excited about these delicious new options. Did we miss your favorite vegan spot?

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