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The Best Brunch And Breakfast Spots In Surry Hills, Sydney

The Best Brunch And Breakfast Spots In Surry Hills, Sydney

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Updated: 17 November 2016
Located in Sydney’s inner south east is the suburb of Surry Hills, which remains one of the main cultural hubs of Sydney. We found out which places are best to go for a late breakfast or a weekend in Surry Hills.

Le Monde Café

The proud winner of several accolades from various food and coffee guides, Le Monde Café works in correlation with Five Senses Coffee. It aims to provide that which is so elusive to many baristas around the world: the perfect cup of coffee. Along with this passion to create the best coffee is also the dedication to make great, flavoursome food so that customers can indulge in during their morning or afternoon meal. With all jams, sauces, chutneys and desserts made in-house, this is a truly homemade brunch experience.

Le Monde Café, 83 Foveaux St, Surry Hills NSW, Australia, +61 2 9211 3568

Brooklyn Hide

Specializing in the classic New York City on-the-go breakfast food, bagels, Brooklyn Hide is passionate about authenticity and freshness. You have the choice of six different types of bagels, baked fresh on premises, from blueberry to sourdough and even gluten-free. You can pair these with your choice of spread, or you can try with the combinations of fillings that are inspired by the different neighbourhoods in NYC. The best thing to accompany these delicious bagels in the morning is a great cup of coffee. They source the coffee from the Sydney coffee roasters Little Marrionette.

Brooklyn Hide, 226 Commonwealth St, Sydney NSW, Australia, +61 2 9211 6448

Four Ate Five

This place has an all-day breakfast menu containing a range of light and heavier options which are inspired by different cuisines from around the world. Four Ate Five is a cafe in Surry Hills that focuses on providing good rustic food along with great coffee. The team at Four Ate Five have their own specific roles in which they specialize and perfect separately, before bringing them all together to round off the great breakfast experience, from the expertly brewed coffee to the incredible food from the kitchen.

Four Ate Five, 485 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW, Australia, +61 2 9698 6485

Four Ate Five | Image Courtesy of Four Ate Five
Four Ate Five | Image Courtesy of Four Ate Five

Reuben Hills

Inspired by trips to Central and South America to source the best coffee beans, Reuben Hills is both a cafe and wholesaler and shop for roasted coffee beans. As well as offering traditional espresso coffee, Reuben Hills also provides different extraction methods. This includes a 24-hour cold brew as well as the Fetco Filter method. This incredible coffee is juxtaposed with an all-day breakfast menu that is inspired by the cuisine and ingredients typically from South American countries mixed with the modern brunch classics.

Reuben Hills, 61 Albion Street, Surry Hills NSW, Australia, +61 2 9211 5556

Single Origin Roasters

Since 2003, when Single Origin Roasters opened its doors in Surry Hills, this cafe and roastery has been roasting their beans on premises to provide the freshest coffee for Sydney’s coffee lovers. Here is where they constantly taste, blend and sample coffee to create delicious coffee. They turn this humble beverage into an art form. This coffee is accompanied by a modest breakfast and lunch menu that offers contemporary-style dishes presented in a rustic manner and to be enjoyed with their great coffee.

Single Origin Roasters Surry Hills, 60-64 Reservoir St, Surry Hills NSW, Australia, +61 2 9211 0665