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Bartender| © Vratislav Darmek/Flickr
Bartender| © Vratislav Darmek/Flickr
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The Best Bars In Carlton, Australia

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The Culture Trip Melbourne has covered things to do and see, restaurants, and brunch spots in Carlton, but hang on — there’s more. The nightlife has to be covered as well, right? Whether you’re looking for a new drinking hole, hoping to join the party crowd, or winding down for the night, here are the best places to do so.
Scotch Whisky| © Tim Sackton/Flickr
Scotch Whisky | © Tim Sackton/Flickr
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Cure Bar & Eatery

You will never want to leave this cozy little place, with its wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and top-notch drinks. The selection of whiskey at Cure Bar and Eatery would please any whiskey aficionado, and the wine list is pretty substantial too. Oh, you prefer cocktails? Not to worry, as they offer all the classics as well as fancier ones. Soak up the booze with a couple of small bites or a full meal; the food is exceptional either way.

Cure Bar & Eatery, 164 Rathdowne St, Carlton, VIC, Australia, +61 426 243 803

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The Town Mouse

If you had to sum up The Town Mouse in one word, it would be ‘sleek’ because that’s what it is. Decked out stylishly in black, gray, and oak, this bar-bistro is great for casual drinks and nibbles or a proper meal. As for drinks, their beer and cider list is kept short and sweet, but their wine list is extensive. In addition to Australian and New Zealand wines, there’s a huge variety of European wines, plus a couple from the USA too.

,The Town Mouse, 312 Drummond Street, Carlton VIC, Australia, +61 3 9347 3312

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The Shaw Davey Slum

With a name like Shaw Davey Slum, you may be a tad hesitant about entering this establishment for fear it’d be dodgy, but fret not because ‘The Slum’ is not what it seems. The drinks menu is extensive, offering cocktails, cocktail jugs, beers and ciders, spirits, and wines. Prices are on the low side, but that doesn’t mean that their drinks are of low quality. With its close proximity to Melbourne Uni, the student vibe here is palpable.

The Shaw Davey Slum, 171-175 Elgin Street, Carlton, VIC, Australia, +61 3 9825 8980

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The phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ certainly holds true for Markov. From the outside, it may not look like much, but step inside and you’ll be blown away. The decor is modern, yet a little bit grungy, and there’s a laid-back vibe to the place, which makes it perfect for hanging out with your mates. As for food, the menu lists a handful of shareable, drink-friendly snacks as well as classic pub favorites. The drinks menu covers all the essentials, but what stands out is their wide selection of craft beers on tap. There’s a good variety of wines too. They also do great specials on weekdays, so get off of Lygon Street and come here!

Markov, 350-352 Drummond St, Carlton, VIC, Australia, +61 3 9347 7113