The Australian Dessert Trends You Need To Know

Courtesy of @rymondtn
Courtesy of @rymondtn
Photo of Monique La Terra
14 November 2016

In the digital age, Instagrammers have become trendsetters, and currently, there is a wave of dessert trends sweeping through Australia. From fairy floss tacos to cakepops, festive cookies, designer donuts, animal bread, latte art and Japanese waffles, these are the mouthwatering dessert trends you need to know.

Fairy Floss

No longer simply a carnival treat, fairy floss is proving its place amongst dessert connoisseurs who are placing the pastel clouds atop cakes and other sweet treats. Nathan from Sydney-based Fluffë is taking the obsession a step further by selling packed tubs to confectionery consumers through his website. Among his creations are pink tacos, ombre bubble tea floats, unicorn poop and packed waffle stacks.

@ fluffegram
Courtesy of @fluffegram

Cakepops, Sundaes and Popsicles

They may look like fancy Paddlepops, but these fancy creations are actually known as cakepops. Malaysian-born Raymond Tan came up with the idea by using leftover cake scraps and now spends his time meticulously decorating cakes on a stick, creating Pokémon and Toy Story characters, Queens’s Palace Guards, piglet pops, cactus pops, watermelon, floral and cosmic designs. The cakes come in a variety of flavours from classic butter pound and chocolate to black sesame and even spinach cake.

For a more traditional ice cream, take a look at Sydney-based food Instagrammer Erina’s Pikachu Sundaes with matcha parfait.

If you’d rather lick a melting fruity treat this summer, then check out Not Quite Nigella’s Pimms and Fruit Popsicles. She makes them using peaches, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, kiwifruit and mint with a splash of Pimms and lemonade.


Cookies can be found in every household around the world; however, these days, pastry chefs are busy creating complex bikkies with intricately piped designs. Not Quite Nigella makes Melting Ice Cream Cone Cookies, using a sugar cookie base and royal icing, as well as mourning tea Dia de los Muertos skull cookies.

Amateur baker and self-proclaimed professional eater Vickiee Liu’s cookies range from the breakfast inspired with toast faces to humorous food pun cookies and unicorn ice cream cookies.


These mouthwatering photos taken by Instagrammer Tara Milk Tea show the offerings at Picapika Waffles on Glenferrie Road. The newly opened store serves pimped-out, Japanese-inspired egg waffles with toppings including matcha ice cream, Oreos, Kit Kats, sprinkles, salted caramel, honeycomb, and chocolate.


Instagrammers Vickiee Liu and Erina from @eliseaki are among the bakers dishing out designer donuts. From Pokémon to Pusheen Unicorn to Mickey and Minnie, Monsters Inc and Winnie the Pooh characters, these donuts are packed with character.
Courtesy of @ eliseaki

Latte Art

Erina from @eliseaki also creates latte art, specialising in the form of cute bears.

Courtesy of @eliseaki

Animal Bread

When it comes to dessert trends, bakers tend to take inspiration from the animal kingdom, and one Instagrammer has been busy modelling bread into bears, rabbits and frogs.

Courtesy of @eliseaki