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Ducks landing lakeside| © Matt Rosser/WikiCommons
Ducks landing lakeside| © Matt Rosser/WikiCommons
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The Top 10 State Parks In Vermont

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Famed for its vacationing hideaways and picturesque locations, Vermont is home to some of North America‘s most scenic countryside. Vermont has 21 state parks which make for gorgeous summer vacations and accommodate a variety of activities. Here are ten of the best parks in the state.
Ricker Pond State Park, Vermont I © Jasperdo/Flickr
Ricker Pond State Park, Vermont I | © Jasperdo/Flickr
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Half Moon Pond State Park

Family-friendly camping and sightseeing

For getting a taste of the beautiful Vermont countryside, a camping trip to Half Moon Pond State Park in Fair Haven is in order. This state park sits around Half Moon Pond and makes for an entertaining time. You can go animal watching, take a delightful hike near the water or go fishing in the pond. To make the most of sunny summer days, you can sunbathe at any of the park’s available sunbathing spots.

1621 Black Pond Rd, Fair Haven, VT, USA, +1 802 273 2848

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Mt. Philo State Park

Views of the lake and country

Mt. Philo State Park in Charlotte is home to the grassy, verdant scenery of Lake Champlain, making it a near-perfect sightseeing location. You can take a walk along the lake here or can go hiking on the beautiful hiking trails, walkways which include a hike up the mountainside offering a superb view of the lake and the surrounding countryside. The park has ten campsites and multiple picnic places, including an idyllic shelter on the mountaintop.

5425 Mount Vilo Rd., Charlotte, VT, USA, +1 888 409 7579

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Camp Plymouth State Park

Boating and lake fishing

Perfect for boating and canoeing, Camp Plymouth State Park is located in the southern part of the state. It sits on the edge of Echo Lake, making it a favorite for both anglers and those who love swimming and paddling. The lake makes for a cool swim in the heat of the summer months and offers some stunning scenery too. For camping, there are many RV sites as well as a pretty picnic area.

2008 Scout Camp Rd., Ludlow, Vermont, USA, +1 802 228 2025

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Kingsland Bay State Park

Lakeside park with great views

The Kingsland Bay State Park is located along the shores of Lake Champlain. The park has beautiful views of the lake, and offers some great water activities. There are canoes and kayaks for rent or you can bring your own. Take a leisurely swim here or recline on the grassy banks where you can watch the many birds grazing and swimming. Campsites and hiking trails afford a good weekend’s outing.

787 Kingsland Bay VT, USA, Ferrisburgh, VT, USA +1 802 877 3445

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Elmore State Park

Lakeside shore picnics and camping

Situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Elmore, the Elmore State Park is a scenic location for an afternoon picnic. The park has great camping sites available and the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps runs a campfire program. To see the birdlife and wildlife in the park visitors can embark on a variety of hiking trails. One of these is the Fire Tower trail, a walkway which rises up to overlook the surrounding mountains and lakeside and offers spectacular vistas of the surrounding area.

856 VT Route 12. Lake Elmore, VT, USA, +1 802 888 2982

Stillwater State Park

One of Vermont’s favorite parks for families

Stillwater State Park is famous for its family programs. Located on the shores of Lake Groton, this park provides tent and lean-to camping. There are five other state parks around Lake Groton, so a visit to Stillwater State Park affords you a variety of experiences for one fee. For adventurous hiking and bike riding, you can explore the extensive trail network around the park.

44 Stillwater Rd, Groton, VT, USA, +1 802 584 3822

Mountain Biking| © Gpavic/WikiCommons
Mountain Biking | © Gpavic/WikiCommons
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Burton Island State Park

A paradise for paddlers

For an exquisite island experience, you’ll want to head over to Burton Island State Park at St. Alban’s Point, in the northern area of Lake Champlain. This region can only be reached by boat, canoe or ferry. For boaters, this place holds plenty of adventure as well as superb views of the marine life around the great lake. There are campsites for paddlers, along with useful amenities like hot showers, hiking trails, a bistro and a store.

1 Burton island, St Albans City, VT 05478 +1 802 524 6353

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Grand Isle State Park

Waterside amusements and camping

Located on the largest island around Lake Champlain, Grand Isle State Park makes for an exciting camping and canoeing experience. The views of the lake are outstanding from the island, and the lake offers a spectrum of fun things to do including fishing, swimming, sailing and kayaking. The isle is particularly popular with families, and many come here for a sun-drenched vacation in the summer months.

36 E Shore S, Grand Isle, VT 05458, United States +1 802 372 4300

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Button Bay State Park

Biking trails around the Lake Champlain

Set along a 363-mile biking route around Lake Champlain, a sublime area which stretches into Canada, Button Bay State Park is famous for its biking activities. The trails around the park allow good family riding, and there is the opportunity for camping at the many campsites on the route. The scenery allows for a good view of the lake and delightful picnic jaunts. There are many popular historical sites and museums which are accessible via the biking trails as well.

5 Button Bay State Park Rd. Ferrisburgh, VT, USA +1 802 475 2377

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Mt. Ascutney State Park

Mountainside hiking and sightseeing

Mt. Ascutney State Park offers a collection of trails that wind up and around the mountain. Four hiking trails surround the mountain and offer challenging but rewarding routes to the summit. Along the way, you’ll see some spectacular waterfalls, the largest being the Cascade Falls. Furthermore, there’s an old stone shelter. At the summit, an observation tower allows for some breathtaking views of the mountainside and countryside.

1826 Back Mountain Rd, Windsor, VT, USA +1 802 647 2060