How to Eat Out in New York City Like Donald Trump

<a href="">Donald Trump | Michael Vadon/Flickr</a>
<a href="">Donald Trump | Michael Vadon/Flickr</a>
Donald Trump has, unquestionably, left his mark upon New York City. The businessman-turned-President was born in the city and, up until his inauguration, lived in a skyscraper on Fifth Avenue. And of course, a man’s got to eat. Throughout his lifetime, Trump has honed a list of his favorite restaurants in New York City. For those looking to follow in his footsteps, here are some of Donald Trump’s favorite places to eat around Manhattan.
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Fresh asparagus

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The three-Michelin-starred restaurant inside the Trump International Hotel is where the then-President-elect dined with Mitt Romney and current chief of staff Reince Priebus. According to reports, for appetizers the trio ordered garlic soup with thyme, sautéed frog legs, caper-raisin emulsion and scallops with caramelized cauliflower.
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21 Club
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For when Trump wishes to dine on something purely American (but still luxe), he heads to the 21 Club on 52nd Street. It is rumored that his go-to dish is the ‘21’ burger—well done—with french fries on the side.
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This Italian eatery on the Upper East Side is another less-touristy Trump favorite. Although that doesn’t mean the restaurant doesn’t get its fair share of famous diners. Not only has it hosted Trump, but also Chelsea Clinton, Clint Eastwood, Tony Bennett and many more.
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Jackson Hole
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When Trump dines out, he doesn’t usually stray too far from American classics. Nor does he like to stray far from home, either. Although this classic New York City restaurant has an outpost in Queens, visitors are more likely to spot the president at the 64th Street location, not far from Trump Tower. The restaurant has a history of famous visitors (including the Clintons) and employed Jennifer Aniston before she made it big as an actress.
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Ralph Lauren Polo Bar
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The Fireside at The Polo Bar

The Fireside at The Polo Bar | Courtesy of The Polo Bar

For when Trump is feeling more exclusive, he heads to the Ralph Lauren Polo Bar where doormen check guests in with iPads and very few photos of the interior are available. The restaurant, once again, specializes in American food and cocktails. Don’t think about trying to sneak in—there’s a strict dress code that requires “smart elegant” attire.
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Famous Famiglia Pizza
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Trump is known for doing things a bit differently than most people. In 2011, he dined at the Times Square location of this ubiquitous pizza chain with Sarah Palin. However, that isn’t what surprised most people. Everybody was quick to comment on how he ate is fast food pizza with a knife and a fork.
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Trump Grill
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When it was still uncertain whether or not Trump would become President, he tweeted from Trump Tower on May 5 wishing everybody a happy Cinco de Mayo and telling people to come to the Trump Tower Grill for tacos bowls. Although Vanity Fair wrote a blistering review of the restaurant after the election (they called it the “worst restaurant in America”), Trump himself still eats there.
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