Naomi Watts Partners with Friends to Create International Non-Toxic Beauty Empire

L to R, Sarah Bryden-Brown, Larissa Thomson, Naomi Watts.
L to R, Sarah Bryden-Brown, Larissa Thomson, Naomi Watts. | © Michael Edwards
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Fashion Editor21 May 2018

Friendship, globally-sourced non-toxic ingredients, and Hollywood glamour are behind ONDA, a bespoke beauty boutique with a flagship in Tribeca. Memorial Day marks the launch of the Hamptons store, located in the posh and picturesque Sag Harbor. Sydney and London are next for ONDA, the vision of Larissa Thompson, Sarah Bryden-Brown, and actress Naomi Watts.

Sustainable, eco-friendly beauty is having a major moment right now, as the wellness movement continues to trend. Yet non-toxic beauty is more than a passing fad; it’s about living a holistic, healthy lifestyle and being dedicated to your self-care routines.

“The clean movement has become [mainstream] when it comes to eating clean or cleaning your home with non-toxic products,” says Bryden-Brown. “Now the focus is on clean beauty. The surprising factor is that it has taken so long, considering your skin is your largest organ and absorbs 60 percent of what you put on it in seconds.”

Inside ONDA's Tribeca location | Courtesy of ONDA

Bryden-Brown continues: “Ingredients are not enough when it comes to choosing the best natural beauty products. It’s also the formulations and manufacturing process that makes a big difference to the quality of a product.”

For example, face oils (currently being championed by beauty aficionados) are not all created equal. You want to make sure you use a formulation where the most pure product has been extracted and preserved for maximum impact.

Hannes Dóttir Icelandic skincare are made with 100% nutritional food and supplement grade ingredients | Courtesy of ONDA

All the products ONDA sources have been vetted by Watts and her partners. Often times, the women have “met with the founder and undergone in-depth education training,” says Bryden-Brown. “We help you find the best products for your skin and lifestyle so you can simply enjoy the results.”

Limited edition ONDA's own calendula and coffee body scrub, locally made in the Hudson Valley | Courtesy of ONDA

ONDA (a name which translates to “wave” or “ripple” in Portuguese) is the vision of Larissa Thomson, Bryden-Brown’s business partner. Thompson saw an opportunity to create a brand that would become your trusted source for natural, non-toxic beauty.

“Originally she wanted to open a store in Tribeca, but when she shared her vision with me I saw a bigger opportunity that would broaden the focus to wellness and be the source of a movement,” says Bryden-Brown. “We are about to open our second store in Sag Harbor after opening Tribeca last September, have been operating online for 18 months, and welcomed Naomi [Watts] to our partnership.”

Machine washable Face Halo makeup remover cloth

Watts and Bryden-Brown are friends from high school in Sydney, and Watts and Larissa have been friends in New York for the past 11 years. “Naomi introduced Larissa and I, and now the three of us are working together on growing ONDA Beauty.”

Vegan, paraben-free individually wrapped face wipes, ideal for travel | Courtesy of ONDA

I guess you could say the friendship has had a “ripple” effect on the business, which falls in line with the holistic principles that make up the brand. “We work hard at our roles as business partners and are protective of our friendship, too,” explains Bryden-Brown. “The success to that is based on trust, knowing your strengths and weaknesses and honoring both.”

Inside ONDA's Tribeca location. | Courtesy of ONDA

ONDA is a curated collection of the best clean beauty products from around the world. “We love the idea of introducing brands created with ingredients not readily available in the US,” says Bryden-Brown. “For example, Australia has many native ingredients that are beautifully effective in natural skin care and provide scents you’ll never experience anywhere else.”

Australian favorite Saya Rich Body Creme made with certified organic oils | Courtesy of ONDA

In addition to skincare, makeup, and wellness products, ONDA offers treatments like bespoke facials, body works and massages, and it has a rotating schedule of special guests who provide expertise in reiki, make-up artistry and more.

If you follow Watts on Instagram, you’re likely to see photos of the actress and ONDA partner chilling out in her New York neighborhood of Tribeca, where she often walks her sons to school.

“Tribeca is where Larissa, Naomi and I live, so it’s our community,” says Bryden-Brown, explaining the origin of the ONDA flagship. “Community is at the core of our business and every location we open will be built around a community we are already deeply connected to. Sag Harbor is next, then Sydney and London.”

Visit ONDA online or the Tribeca location at 117 West Broadway NY, NY 10011.

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