The Best Soul Food Restaurants in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Courtesy of Urban Griddle
Courtesy of Urban Griddle
Photo of Katherine Oakes
15 February 2018

This much-loved, down home, Southern cooking is also a favorite among many Northerners. While not all Southern food is considered soul food, the two cuisines are closely intertwined and especially up North, it has gone through different iterations throughout the years. However, what’s most important is its reputation for simply being finger lickin’ good.

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Urban Griddle

Bistro, Restaurant, Contemporary, American, Vegetarian
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It’s not hard to fill up on a hearty brunch or breakfast at the Urban Griddle. Its name is as mouthwatering as its home-cooked menu items such as fresh pancakes and waffles, chili, and mac and cheese to name just a few. Diners can enjoy the casual, rustic decor and relaxed atmosphere while they chow down.