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Burger at Fat Boy Burgers|©Steven Depolo/Flickr
Burger at Fat Boy Burgers|©Steven Depolo/Flickr
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The Best Restaurants In The North Quarter, Grand Rapids

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The Cheshire Village and the Creston district make up The North Quarter of Michigan’s second largest city, Grand Rapids. From thriving businesses, markets and shops to parks and groves, The North Quarter is the place to be. In addition, there are also numerous great restaurants. Check out our guide to some of the best.
Burger at Fat Boy Burgers|©Steven Depolo/Flickr
Bacon Cheeseburger at Fat Boy Burgers | ©Steven Depolo/Flickr
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Fat Boy Burgers

Fat Boy Burgers has been serving Grand Rapids locals since 1952. This casual restaurant serves classic burgers with their own signature twist. Their original ‘Fat Boy Burger’ is unique in that it comes standard with green olives. Not only does this burger joint sell burgers but they also offer other lunch and dinner items such as hot dogs, sandwiches and chilli.
Address: Fat Boy Burgers, 2450 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI, +1 (616) 447-2200

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La Huasteca Mexican Restaurant

Visitors can get an authentic taste of Mexico right in Grand Rapid’s North Quarter. La Huasteca Mexican Restaurant delights diners with delicious Mexican dishes in their small cafe. This unassuming restaurant makes all of their food from scratch with fresh ingredients, making each dish taste both full and flavorful. Come in for one of the restaurant’s lunch specials or meet up with some friends for dinner. Don’t miss the hand-made tamales or the Alambre plate, which comes with steak, chicken, spicy pork and grilled peppers with tomato and onion.

Address: La Huasteca Mexican Restaurant, 1811 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI, +1 (616) 447-7733

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Graydon’s Crossing

A self-described ‘global pub’, Graydon’s Crossing boasts an extensive and eclectic range of pub-style food and drink. The restaurant has two types of menus: first is their ‘everyday menu’, which consists of typical American bar food such as nachos and macaroni and cheese. Then, they also have their ‘monthly menu’ which gives visitors more global staples, such as Indian fish tacos. Of course, they also have an extremely diverse draught beer list as well!

Address: Graydon’s Crossing, 1223 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI, +1 (616) 726-8260

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Choo Choo Grill

Situated in a tiny historical building that used to be owned by a coal company, Choo Choo Grill is well known among North Quarter’s locals for its old fashioned breakfast, ‘legend’ burgers, and traditional malt shakes. Customers cannot miss the bright red facade of Choo Choo Grill, solidifying its status as one of Grand Rapid’s cultural and culinary icons. Take a seat at the counter on a red swivel chair, take in the quaint and cozy ambiance and enjoy the simplicity of their classic American food.

Address: Choo Choo Grill, 1209 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI, +1 (616) 774-8652

Anna’s House

Anna’s House is a trendy, charming diner specializing in breakfast and lunch. The restaurant’s ambiance is colorful, bright and airy with revamped 1950s-style hand-painted murals on the walls. Anna’s House serves traditional breakfast staples such as omelets and pancakes, while also offering more unique dishes such as breakfast lasagne. What’s even better is that everyone can enjoy Anna’s House as they also boast gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian options.

Address: Anna’s House, 3874 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI, +1 (616) 361-8500