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The Best Bars In The East Side, Detroit
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The Best Bars In The East Side, Detroit

Picture of Kate Harrington
Updated: 9 February 2017
Detroit‘s East Side bars are just as diverse as the city, ranging from dive to upscale. Join us as we explore a selection of the best, for cool drinks and fun nights out.
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Sweetwater Tavern

Sweetwater Tavern has been around for a handful of decades serving beer, liquor, and the best wings in the Detroit area. Drinks are reasonable; however, Sweetwater Tavern is not really known for their liquor license. The Tavern’s reputation is based on their marinated wings and homemade sauces. Served afternoon and late-night, Sweetwater Tavern is a dream bar for wings fans.

Sweetwater Tavern, 400 E Congress St, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313-962-2210

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Cadieux Café

Cadieux Café is a former Prohibition-era speakeasy that dedicates its demeanor to all things Belgian. Serving Belgian cuisine and a variety of beers, the Cadieux Café is ideal for laid back occasions. Cadieux Café also provides featherbowling, which makes this café a gem statewide and nationwide. The drinks are fairly reasonable and include an assortment of beer, liquor, and a menu of creations.

Cadieux Café, 4300 Cadieux Rd, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313-882-8560

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Ye Olde Tap Room

Opened since 1912, Ye Olde Tap Room is one of the oldest taprooms in Detroit. Brick walls and wooden tables and floors, the Tap Room emulates casual comfort. However, the Tap Room has been known for the seasonal parties that are thrown (especially the annual Halloween party). A friendly place filled with history and beer, the Tap Room offers a rustic Detroit alternative.

Ye Olde Tap Room, 14915 Charlevoix St, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313-824-1030

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Seven Brothers Bar

The quintessential dive bar, Seven Brothers is comprised of a long bar seating, a pool table, and a jukebox. The drinks are mostly beer options (and a varied and reasonable selection), but liquor is also served. Its been argued that Seven Brothers has the best jukebox in Detroit with options ranging from classic rock to country to R&B.

Seven Brothers Bar, 11831 Joseph Campau St, Hamtramck, MI, USA, +1 313-365-6576

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Baker Streetcar Bar

With the infamous owner, Rocky, Baker Streetcar Bar is one of the well known bars in the eastern side of Detroit. It’s as casual as a dive bar while still maintaining the energy of an upscale club. Friendly and personable service along with the classic rock jukebox, Baker Streetcar Bar is a mixed breed bar.

Baker Streetcar Bar, 9817 Joseph Campau Ave, Hamtramck, MI, USA, +1 313-873-8296

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Marge’s Bar

Marge’s Bar is probably the biggest Red Wings fan in the Detroit area. The interior décor is dedicated to Steve Yzerman, Chris Chelios, and the likes. However, it’s also a fantastic bar for grub and drinks. Marge’s is a dive bar, but it’s food menu has more options than your everyday dive bar.

Marge’s Bar, 15300 Mack Ave, Grosse Pointe Park, MI, USA, +1 313-881-8895

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Firewater Bar & Grill

The Firewater Bar & Grill is tailored to the older night scene. However, there’s a large dance floor that encourages a little immaturity. Drinks are mid-range, a little above reasonable, but the atmosphere makes it all worthwhile. The food menu is large, offering the classic bar food favorites.

Firewater Bar & Grill, 6521 John R St, Detroit, MI, USA, +1 313-872-0812