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The Top 10 Things To Do and See in Waltham, Massachusetts
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The Top 10 Things To Do and See in Waltham, Massachusetts

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Waltham is one of Massachusetts’ hidden treasures. This quaint town is packed with things to do for people of all ages. It is historically significant, yet also have a fun hip vibe to it. Find out the top ten things to do and see and Waltham right here.
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Embassy Cinema

Go to the embassy cinema for a different type of movie-goer experience. This theater screens eclectic, indie, and foreign films. Take a break from the mainstream and explore a different kind of movie theater for a change. You will not be disappointed, and who knows, maybe you’ll even find your favorite foreign film here.

16 Pine St, Waltham, MA USA (781) 736-7852

Tree at Gore Place © Theresa/flickr
Tree at Gore Place | © Theresa/flickr
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Gore Place

This historic country is now a museum.Take time to explore this mansion in Waltham that includes educational programs, a full calendar of events, and walking tours.

52 Gore St, Waltham, MA USA (781) 894-2798

Charles River Sunset Panorama © Tim Sackton/flickr
Charles River Sunset | © Tim Sackton/flickr
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Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation

This museum celebrates the innovation, inventions and progression of technology and industry in the United States. The museum features several artifacts important to the furtherance of technology and industry in the USA.

154 Moody St, Waltham, MA USA (781) 893-5410

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Robert Treat Paine Estate

This estate-turned-museum was the home of social reformer Robert Treat Paine and his family. It is a masterpiece of design and architecture. Head over to learn about the history of the Paine estate and a crucial piece of Massachusetts history.

100 Robert Treat Paine Dr, Waltham, MA USA (781) 314-3290

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Rose Art Museum

The Rose Art Museum houses Brandeis University’s collection of contemporary New England work and art. This is some of the most highly regarded contemporary work in the United States — be sure to check it out for a real treat.

415 South St, Waltham, MA USA (781) 736-3434

Prospect Hill Park © Bill Damon
Prospect Hill Park | © Bill Damon
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Prospect Hill Park

Prospect hill Park is a must while in Waltham. This relaxing park features park trails and outstanding views in Waltham. Enjoy the outdoors with family and friends, or take some time for yourself at Prospect Hill Park. This spot is great for a game of catch, football, a picnic or more.

314 Totten Pond Rd, Waltham, MA USA (781) 314-3475

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Joco’s bar and kitchen

Visit Joco’s, an American pub and restaurant. This restaurant flaunts an impressive beer selection and live music on most nights.

450 Moody St, Waltham, MA USA (781) 894-1300

Elvis Costello1989 © H. Michael Karshis/flickr
Elvis Costello plays at Brandeis | © H. Michael Karshis/flickr
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Brandeis Theater and concert hall

The Brandeis Theater Department is committed to forming a new generation of theater artists and musicians. Catch a show at one of the best university programs in the country and you will not be disappointed.

415 South St, Waltham, MA USA (781) 736-3400

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Concert on Waltham Common

During the summer months, catch a concert on the Waltham Common. See your favorite artist jamming out while you enjoy the beautiful weather.

610 Main St, Waltham, MA USA (781) 314-3000

Strawberry Margaritas © Stacy Spensley
Margaritas! | © Stacy Spensley
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Margaritas- Waltham

Visit Margaritas for some amazing Mexican grub. The tacos, enchiladas, margaritas and more are to die for. This restaurant will satisfy your need to have a relaxed and fun night out with friends while enjoying authentic Mexican cuisine and drinks.

211 Moody St, Cronin’s Landing Apartments, Waltham, MA USA (781) 893-9990