The Psychedelic Paintings of Bruce Riley

Photo of Sophia Francis
12 December 2016

In these impressive, unique paintings, Bruce Riley gives life to art and revives the iconic imagery of the 1960s. It is art that draws you in, leaves you amazed, and here we explore the techniques and methods employed by the psychedelic painter.

Nut and Theia Detail | © Bruce Riley

In his repetitive, fluid movements that incorporate the whole body, Chicago painter Bruce Riley creates art that is truly remarkable for more reasons than one. What we get in a Riley painting is the absolute epitome of psychedelic art that comprises of the swirls, drips and splashes of vibrant resin paint. There is in this artwork something mesmerizing that can be found in the amalgamation of the many colours; its gloss, shine and range of reds, vermilions and blues that seem to jump off the page, creating a vortex of artistic beauty that simply sucks you in.

This video of Bruce’s work, produced by True Stories and edited by Keith Wilson, showcases the artist’s process in a mesmerizingly colorful performance.

Nut and Theia Detail | © Bruce Riley
Bhome | © Bruce Riley

In its use of old and new, explored and unexplored techniques, Riley’s fusion of art and beauty is completely inviting. These are opuses that are not about the end result, but about the journey of the creative process – and the artist’s process mirrors the very journey that we are taken on as we peer into the depths of his works. The brain simply absorbs the infinitesimal details as well as the large splashes of paint, taking in the full range of colours. In the same way that the artist’s works are experiments in fluid movement, so do we experiment with and explore the profundity of this enthralling work.

Exploded | © Bruce Riley

Having exhibited works in states across the US, including Illinois, Texas and Ohio, the artist has chemically experimented with a range of designs, shapes and forms that are always alive with color. Each exhibition features work that is planned and yet occasionally contains subtle mistakes, which make the paintings unique expressions of artistic experimentation. It is clever, impressive alchemic work, the profundities of which will leave will you completely engrossed.

Nut and Theia Detail | © Bruce Riley
Nut and Theia Detail | © Bruce Riley

You can see more of Riley’s fascinating work at

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