The Best Organic Food Shops In Chicago

Photo of Elizabeth Newhart
9 February 2017

If you’re looking to eat healthier and help the environment at the same time, consider adding more organic ingredients to your diet. Far from limiting, Chicago offers many options for organic food shopping outside national chains such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Check out this list of local city favorites and get your fruit and veg on.


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Mariano’s has the impressive stature of a national chain but the familiar work ethic of a Midwestern business. Founded in suburban Arlington Heights in 2010, it’s now grown to 39 locations in Illinois. The stores are massive, spacious, airy and packed with everything in-season that you may need. They are first and foremost a fully-stocked grocery store with health and wellness as a focus, but it doesn’t stop there. Most locations are equipped with buffet-style hot food, including meat, soup, pizza, oysters, sandwiches, sushi, alcohol and more. Come in to shop or to just grab a tasty meal.

Stanley’s Fruit and Vegetables

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Stanley’s has been successfully supplying Chicago with healthy food just outside Goose Island since 1967. They offer fresh fruits and vegetables, regional dairy items, a fully stocked deli counter and large bags of their own house-branded potato chips that they make fresh in-store. Customers love their cheap prices, friendly vibes and ethical produce practices. They buy their fruit and veggies just before ripening which keeps them super inexpensive. But it also means they tend to go bad quicker than other chain stores, so only buy what you can eat within a few days.

Olivia’s Market

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Olivia’s Market has an upscale air that makes your everyday tomato run feel like a study in sophisticated chic, and customers eat it up. Since opening in the Bucktown area in 2004, Olivia’s has attracted locals and citywide residents alike. Expect a clean space, sleek lighting and lots of wood accents. Come for the quality, organic produce but definitely stay for their obscure collection of craft beer.

Green Grocer

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Husband and wife duo Gary and Cassie opened Green Grocer in West Town in 2008 after spending decades in corporate business. They both felt a need and a passion for improving the health and wellness of their community, and thus from this shared passion their cozy grocery shop was born. Expect delicious, organic produce sourced from Midwestern farms and a wide range of vegan and gluten-free choices. Try out their produce share plans, which work like a subscription service – pay a set fee and they will bundle different groceries for you each week.

Plum Market

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Plum Market is a small chain out of Michigan that’s expanded to Chicago. Their Old Town location is in one of the city’s trendiest spots and attracts a lot of customers dropping in to enjoy their salad bar and hot food buffet – but they are known for their organic options and overall healthy food atmosphere. Many have luck finding specialty items here that aren’t carried in Chicago’s major grocery chains, making it worth the visit and the hunt.