Experience a Bioluminescence Kayak Tour

Photo of Jason Palmer
26 February 2020

Discover a breathtaking phenomenon first-hand by taking a bioluminescence kayak tour to see a shining example of just how magnificent our planet can be.

Jump off the kayak and enter the luminescent water | © Culture Trip

Almost other-worldly in its appearance and glow, plankton emits a blue neon-like light that illuminates not only the water it’s in, but your sense of wonder too.

What is bioluminescence?

Simply put, bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. It is a form of chemiluminescence, in which a chemical reaction emits light. When certain chemicals react with each other, they produce energy that stimulates particles on vibration. This generates light that subsequently appears as the blue glow we see in the water when it is disturbed.

Bioluminescence often happens in marine vertebrates and invertebrates, and is known to take place in some microorganisms and fungi as well. Bioluminescent bacteria and fireflies conjure up a similar effect.

Glow-in-the-dark plankton

Plankton have very high levels of bioluminescence, and as a result are a source of cold light or luminescence. Plankton peaks by ocean currents during the season. It’s the perfect scenario to do some night swimming in absolute darkness to experience the enchanted magic of the glow.

A Day Away Kayak Tours

Only a few places on the planet regularly enjoy this spectacle. A Day Away Kayak Tours deal with all areas of Central Florida, and Titusville is a particular hotspot. You can take numerous tours with them, including kayak tours, moonlight tours (if you are feeling particularly romantic), sunrise and sunset tours to capture the very best views and speciality tours of bioluminescent matter.

Kayaking is one of the best ways to get close to this dazzling phenomenon. A Day Away Tours even offer new, market-leading clear-bottomed kayaks to make your experience even more immersive. Glowing hues meet every movement under you as the momentum of the kayak gives off a firework-like glow that ripples through the water. Dolphins and manatees have also been spotted swimming around, and their movements help to create some truly unforgettable glowing magic – there’s nothing quite like seeing your first bioluminescent lagoon.

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