This Is the Smallest Inhabited Island in the World 

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© Omegatron / WikiCommons | © Omegatron / WikiCommons

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Talk about close quarters! The tiniest inhabited island in the world is so small it only fits one house.

The aptly named Just Room Enough Island is located off Alexandria Bay in the state of New York. Part of the Thousand Islands archipelago – which funnily enough is actually made up of 1,864 islands – according to local tradition, it only counts as an island because it’s above the level of the river year-round and can sustain at least two trees or shrubs.

Just Room Enough Island

It was back in the 1950’s that the Sizeland family bought the smallest island on the channel, then called Hub Island, built a house, planted a tree and renamed the place Just Room Enough Island. Their sense of humour was definitely on point and to this day the house, tree and island remain.

The next island over, Heart Island, is home to the much gaudier Boldt Castle, former residence of American millionaire George Boldt. The mansion is now a local tourist attraction.

But despite its beauty, it doesn’t steal the “tiniest inhabited island” crown from Just Room Enough!

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