The Best Ski Areas In Anchorage

Tram station at Alyeska Resort near Girdwood, Alaska
Tram station at Alyeska Resort near Girdwood, Alaska | © Brian/Flickr
Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city and is a gateway to several mountains, such as the Chugach, Talkeetna, and the Kenai mountains. The city is well-known for its cultural richness, including cultural sites such as the Alaska Native Heritage Center. Being near the mountains makes Anchorage an ideal city for ski areas. Read below for our pick of the top five ski areas.

Hilltop Ski Resort

Ski Resort
A combination of both cross country and hill skiing are available at beautiful Hilltop Ski Resort in Anchorage. As a non-profit company, their goal is to provide recreational programs to Anchorage’s youth and encourage them to get outside and take advantage of the beautiful terrain. If you’re not confident going alone, sign up for one of the many classes available or grab a seasonal pass for months of outdoor enjoyment.
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Alyeska Resort

Resort, Hotel
Tram station at Alyeska Resort near Girdwood, Alaska
Tram station at Alyeska Resort near Girdwood, Alaska | © Brian/Flickr
Just 40 miles from Anchorage lies Alyeska Resort. Not your average ski spot, Alyeska offers spa packages, fine-dining and outdoor activities for those traveling to the Anchorage area or those who just want to get away for a weekend. Take the family snow-shoeing, dine at the award-winning Seven Glaciers or let the concierge team plan your adventure for you. Alyeska Resort brings a prestigious flair to the age-old snow activities.
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Chugach State Park

Camping out in Chugach State Park, Alaska
Camping out in Chugach State Park, Alaska | © Paxson Woelber/Flickr
495, 000 acres of land make up Chugach State Park – plenty of room to explore and ski in the southern-central area of Alaska. Part of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, there are no limits to what visitors can explore here. For the more free-spirited skiers, visitors can take it upon themselves to go out into the natural wilderness of the area to experience the nature firsthand and raw. Check out the trails beforehand to choose which one is the right one for you.
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Ski Land

Since 1962, Ski Land has been accepting guests to their park and lodge to see the scenery and ski. With the farthest chairlift in North America, there’s no place quite like it. Ski slopes range from beginner to advance level so it’s a great place to perfect downhill ski skills. If you stick around until nightfall, they have nightly viewings of the Aurora in the warmth of the lodge.

2315 Skiland Rd, Fairbanks, AK, +1 907 389 2314

Arctic Valley

The non-profit Anchorage Ski Club runs Arctic Valley in Anchorage and is maintained solely through volunteers who love and believe in the outdoor activity of skiing. Every year, the annual Merry Marmot Festival takes place here with snowshoe races, tubing races, a Downhill Dummy Launch and much more. With music and dinner, it’s a great family atmosphere to warm the cold winter nights.

Arctic Valley Rd, Fort Richardson, AK, +1 907 428 1208