The Top Things To Do In Condesa, Mexico City

Condesa| ©Alvaro Sánchez/Flickr
Condesa| ©Alvaro Sánchez/Flickr
Photo of Paula Zamorano Osorio
9 February 2017

La Condesa is one of Mexico City’s fashionable neighborhoods, with a classy nightlife, designer boutiques and beautiful parks. La Condesa’s cosmopolitan vibe attracts the likes of artists, students, intellectuals and younger business people who bring their individual styles to the scene. To explore everything that this cool and chic neighborhood has to offer could take years, but here is some help to get you started.


La Condesa has a huge nightlife, one of the biggest in the capital, in fact. From nightclubs to karaoke bars and lounges, there is something for everyone in La Condesa, where it is easy to stay out until the early hours of the morning, as is the local custom. Whether it is electronic, pop, 70s or indie that you are looking for, or tasty drinks, all-night dancing and fun, La Condesa will not let you down.

DJ | © Pixabay

Exploring Local Gastronomy

La Condesa also proudly offers excellent restaurants and cafés. An international scene is evident in the menus which are to be found in La Condesa. Mexican food is certainly not the only option available (although still a very tempting one): in La Condesa you will find cuisine from Argentina, Italy, France and many other countries. For a never-ending list of restaurants of excellent quality, make sure to visit La Condesa’s restaurants.

Dish at Merotoro | © Premshree Pillai/Flickr

Shop til you drop

La Condesa is a hip neighborhood known for providing the up-and-coming businessmen and artists of the future with unique boutiques to renew their wardrobes with every changing season. Vintage shops, shoe-shops, jewelers and accessory shops line the avenidas Michoacán, Amsterdam, Tamaulipas and Vicente Suárez, offering everything that you could imagine. Although it is certainly not the cheapest location to shop, it is undoubtedly a shopaholic’s dream for the boutiques’ individualism and creativity.

Foro Shakespeare

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Foro Shakespeare is a theater which breaks away from the traditions of Mexican drama. This theater, with its multi-modal space and five theater halls, promises a unique theatrical experience given to the audience by independent theater companies. Foro Shakespeare aims not only to support independent artists and directors and to entertain theater-goers, but it also intends to educate the members of the audience for them to become more aware of the skill and work behind the dramatic arts.

Pata Negra - La Xampa

Bar, Mexican, $$$
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La Xampa is a legendary bar in La Condesa, part of the Pata Negra group, which is very much focused on the good things in life: food, drink and music. Proposing a different menu involving excellent tapas and ‘Vinos Espumosos’ (frothy wines), La Xampa offers an explosion of flavors and aromas to delight the senses. Live music and entertainment is a huge part of La Xampa, which hosts musicians of all different genres, as well as other events such as salsa classes and children’s shows.

El Plaza

Theater, Music Venue
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Andy Fletcher DJ Set @ El Plaza | © MNPHNC GRRRL/Flickr
In the 1970s, El Plaza was a cinema and then a casino, but in this day and age it is a multi-theater and possibly the best spot in La Condesa to catch national and international artists. El Plaza benefits from its location in La Condesa, a bohemian area of Mexico City, since it has been brought to life by its creative and musical surroundings. The building boasts excellent acoustics and lighting which allows it to be used for all types of artistic and cultural shows, so make sure you don’t miss out on fantastic performances at El Plaza.

Hotel Condesa D.F.

4/5 (331 Reviews)
Hotel Condesa DF
Hotel Condesa DF | © Festival Ambulante/Flickr
Located in the heart of the neighborhood, Hotel Condesa DF offers locals and tourists the chance to be stunned, for it is home to one of the most famous rooftop bars in Mexico City. When staying in La Condesa, this bar is a must-visit, for the spectacular views of the capital are simply unbeatable. Jaw-dropping views, comfortable couches, wooden decking, mouth-watering snacks, delectable drinks: Condesa DF guarantees an unforgettable night.
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