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The Top Restaurants In Centro Histórico, Guadalajara, Mexico
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The Top Restaurants In Centro Histórico, Guadalajara, Mexico

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Guadalajara’s centro histórico is home to many of Guadalajara’s most prestigious and jaw-dropping cultural landmarks, including the iconic Guadalajara cathedral and the Teatro Degollado. Among all these beautiful buildings there are some delicious restaurants and places to dine, hidden away. Read on for our guide to the top restaurants in the centro histórico of Guadalajara.
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Birriería de Nueve Esquinas

Birría (goat stew) is a Jalisco specialty dish and one of the best birrierías in the city is Birriería de Nueve Esquinas, located in the fantastically cultural centro histórico of Guadalajara. For those holidaymakers wishing to take advantage of their stay in Guadalajara and branch out from the usual food that can be found back home, this is well worth a visit. Soak up the atmosphere, the colorful decorations, and enjoy the company of the locals at this restaurant. As the old saying goes, “when in Rome…”.

Address & telephone number: Cólon 384 on the corner with Galeana, Guadalajara, Mexico, +52 33 3613 6260

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El Sazón de la Comadre

A quaint little restaurant, one of many that line the pedestrian walkway of La Coronilla in the center of Guadalajara, El Sazón de la Comadre is the perfect spot to start your day. Enjoy huevos rancheros, divorciados, or our personal favorite, huevos motuleños, a dish originating from the Yucatán. Two crispy tortillas, topped with refried beans and fried eggs, then doused in tomato sauce and sprinkled with cheese, ham, and peas. It truly is a hangover cure sent from above. Take advantage of the temperate climate of Guadalajara and dine at the outdoor tables.

Address & telephone number: Coronilla 23, Guadalajara, Mexico, +33 1663 2234

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I Latina

It’s easy to understand why I Latina is routinely named one of the best restaurants in Guadalajara, let alone just in the historic center, by both the usual top ten list generators and local bloggers. The food, service, and atmosphere are excellent, consistently offering top quality dining in the heart of Guadalajara. The range of dishes, from Asian dishes to traditional Mexican tacos and ceviches to hamburgers and Mediterranean meals, mean that all tastes are catered for, but don’t be overwhelmed by the food and forget to order a craft beer as the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

Address & telephone number: Avenida Inglaterra 3128, Guadalajara, Mexico, +52 33 3647 7774

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Chai is a favorite among locals, but particularly among visitors. With several different locations throughout Guadalajara, the one located in the cute courtyard opposite the Ex Convento del Carmen is one of the most attractive, offering incredibly comfortable outdoor sofa seating options that make getting up and leaving after your meal very hard. Most definitely a spot for lunch, Chai offers well-priced and basic favorites, such as pastas and sandwiches, but also has excellent (and namesake) Chai frappes in several flavors. The apple frappe is delightfully refreshing.

Address & telephone number: Avenida Benito Juárez, Guadalajara, Mexico, +52 33 3613 0001

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La Rinconada

Located in a colonial mansion that was Spanish-owned prior to the Mexican civil war, La Rinconada really is impressive, and its position in the center of Guadalajara makes it the perfect spot to have drinks and a quick lunch. The service is friendly and efficient, with the food on offer mainly consists of simple, traditional dishes such as fish accompanied by rice.

Address & telephone number: Morelos 86, Guadalajara, Mexico, +52 33 3613 9925

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La Fonda de San Miguel

Another courtyard restaurant, this time in located in an old convent, La Fonda de San Miguel is one of the better options in the historic center of Guadalajara. The candlelit, jazz-music playing ambiance is lovely and makes it perfect for a quieter meal in the evening or a family lunch during the day, with the food on offer best described as safe and simple. Try the salmon accompanied by rice and salad, or give the cute mini quesadillas a go.

Address & telephone number: Donato Guerra 25, Guadalajara, Mexico, +52 33 3613 0809

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Las Sombrillas

A people-watcher’s paradise, Las Sombrillas is located smack bang in the historic center of Guadalajara, with awesome views of the iconic, double-spired Guadalajara Cathedral, among the other historical buildings that dot this area of the city. Enjoy your meal with a Mexican drink special, the michelada. This is a drink commonly made up of tomato juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and of course, beer. Every recipe has its own variations, and they sometimes come topped by prawns. Take a seat and watch the world go by.

Address & telephone number: Morelos 371, Guadalajara, Mexico, +52 33 3614 9174