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© Hernán García Crespo / Flickr
© Hernán García Crespo / Flickr
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The Best Spots to Try Tequila in Guadalajara

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Updated: 20 June 2017
Nowadays you can get a tequila shot everywhere in the world, but there is no better place to taste this drink than its birthplace: Jalisco. In Guadalajara, the state capital, you will find many places to enjoy this unique type of alcohol. Remember that authentic tequila is made only with Agave tequilana Weber, so if you want to have a drink take a look before at the bottle and be sure it says 100% agave.

Cantina La Fuente

Pub, Mexican, $$$
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In the heart of the city, this cantina is one of the most famous places to have a drink. With almost 100 years to its name, few things have changed since the opening of this original Mexican bar. You can ask for a tequila “solo” or combined with soda.

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El Parián

Restaurant with Rooms, Mexican, $$$
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A few minutes from the center of Guadalajara, you can visit this huge patio surrounded by 20 different spots to drink tequila. You can order your tequila “derecho” (solo, straight) or ask for a traditional “cazuela” (crockpot) a mixed juice of lemon, orange, and grapefruit with soda.

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Los Famosos Equipales

Bar, Mexican, $$$
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One of the old canteens of Guadalajara, its name refers to the traditional chairs of Jalisco: los equipales. Relaxing in one of these comfortable chairs, you should try a tequila “reposado” (rested) which means that it has been aged in a barrel so that its flavor is mellower than a silver (“blanco”) tequila.

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Bar Zapotlán

Restaurant, Mexican, $$$
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This canteen is one of the best known for the locals, especially because it doesn’t close its doors until 3 am, so when the others bars are closed, Bar Zapotlán is still open. Tequila is always available, but you can also try some of their unique cocktails.

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