The Best Bars In Condesa, Mexico City

The Best Bars In Condesa, Mexico City
Over recent years, Condesa has become a popular neighborhood particularly among intellectuals, budding business men and women, and artists. A night out in Condesa can offer anything from a quiet drink on a beautiful terrace to a full-on party experience. Look out for the following bars to get the most out of Condesa‘s buzzing nightlife.
Condesa DF © Omar Bárcena/Flickr

Condesa DF

Hotel, Hotel Barge
Condesa DF has become one of, if not the most well-known bar in Mexico City. Offering impressive views of Condesa, this is the place to be and the place to be seen in the neighborhood. Couches, music, wooden decking and a sophisticated atmosphere attract the elite of the capital, who sway to the beat on the roof of the Condesa DF hotel. For an exclusive and unforgettable night out in Condesa, head to the Condesa DF rooftop bar.
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Bar, Mexican, $$$
Cocktails | Cocktails
Lovers of music, dance and a great night out need head no further than Leonor, a bar and club which hosts incredible dance nights at weekends. Over the years, Leonor has become one of the best nightlife spots in the area, where you can easily stay out dancing the whole night long, taking refreshing breaks on the bar’s terrace when needed! Step through Leonor’s jet black front door right out onto the dance floor, decorated with wall hangings and the bar’s iconic candelabrum, and enjoy an energy-filled night.
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Artic Bar

Bar, Nightclub, Pub Grub, Mexican, $$$
Experience the biting cold of -10˚C at Mexico City’s very own Artic Bar; the first ice bar in Latin America. Once you are inside, wrap up warm in the special coats and gloves provided before heading to the ice room to have that free shot served in ice glasses whilst lounging on the ice sofas. There is also a separate lounge area and dance floor which is set at room temperature, where you can dance the night away.
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Baltra Bar

Bar, Mexican, $$$
Sunset cocktail
Sunset cocktail | © Angelo Amboldi/Flickr
From the influences of Charles Darwin’s great expedition and his theories, a bar which shares the name of one of the Galapagos Islands lies here in the heart of Condesa. Baltra is home to a special cocktail experience, but aside from a classic cocktail menu, there are also seasonal food menus which are frequently renewed, offering simple but delicious snacks. This bar, which shares its owners with the extremely popular and successful Limantour bars, promises a relaxed and enjoyable evening.
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Cantina Bar Montejo

Bar, Restaurant, Pub Grub, $$$
Although Mexico has seen the closure of many traditional and authentic cantinas, Cantina Bar Montejo in Condesa has managed to stay open and retain its image. This huge three storey house, with old swinging doors, is home to a popular cantina which is found on the first floor and a restaurant, on the second and third floors. At the cantina, enjoy a cold beer or cocktail with a delicious snack for the ultimate Mexican experience.
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Pata Negra

Bar, Mexican, $$$
Broken Social Scene at Pata Negra
Broken Social Scene at Pata Negra | Broken Social Scene at Pata Negra
Pata Negra La Xampa is a legendary bar in Condesa, which celebrates food, drink and music. Tapas and ‘Vinos Espumosos’ (frothy wines) are a special feature on Pata Negra Condesa’s menu, which offers an explosion of flavours and aromas to delight the senses. This lively bar regularly hosts live music gigs, from jazz to DJs, as well as other events, including salsa classes and children’s entertainment. For a fun cultural evening exploring the local talents which Condesa has to offer, head to Pata Negra.
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El Imperial

Nightclub, Contemporary, $$$
Troker at El Imperial
Troker at El Imperial | Troker at El Imperial
El Imperial is one of the best live music venues in Mexico City, particularly for fans of rock and electronica. It’s a popular club, favoring all that is vintage and antique, and frequented by hipsters and lovers of the alternative. The venue itself is a two-storey building, with a stage on the first floor and a pulsating dance floor on the second floor, which is known as ‘El Room’. Usually, national rock bands perform at El Imperial, but it is not uncommon for international bands to take to the stage.
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