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Maya calendar
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31 March 2018

The ancient Maya were famous for their knowledge of astrology, arranging vast cities according to the stars and placing great importance on celestial influence over terrestrial life.

Get to know the Maya calendar

According to Maya belief, the influence of the stars extends to human beings – your characteristics are to some extent defined by the time that you were born. Interestingly the ancient communities used a very different calendar to our Gregorian one, and in some communities in Guatemala the old calendar is still in use.

Instead of 12 months of 28-31 days, the Maya calendar has 18 months of 20 days each, called the Haab, followed by a 5 day period called the Uayeb. This means that the calendar still has 365 days, but it is arranged differently. For example the Ch’en sign covers those born from January 2-21, while those born from February 11-March 2 are Sak’.

Guide explaining the Mayan calendar to tourists in Palenque, Chiapas

Position of the stars determines your characteristics

Each of the signs has different character traits, much like our more familiar zodiac. However the Maya look a lot deeper into each day to work out much more specific traits. For example, the Maya equivalent to zodiac signs are the ones we mentioned above, grouped into 20 days. Next up is the “Trecena”, which are like the moon signs used in western astrology, and the “Lords of the Night” which cover the hidden parts of your personality.

The Maya also take into account the year that you were born, much like the Chinese do. Those born in a certain year are also said to share certain characteristics.

Find out more about your sign

And lastly, Maya astrologers look at the position of Venus at the time of your birth to determine your social values and your role in society. By combining all of these elements, Maya astrologers make predictions about your life and what you are most suited to doing in terms of a job or hobbies.

If that sounds complicated, it is. Those who are interested in learning more can find out their sign and characteristics online. This calculator is highly recommended by those in the know.

Alternatively, book a trip to Guatemala or Mexico and visit an astrologer in person.

Souvenir store in Cancun selling Mayan calendars and local handicrafts

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