25 Pictures That Prove Mexico City is a Beautiful Urban Jungle

The Torre Latinoamericana, Mexico City's first skyscraper / pixabay
The Torre Latinoamericana, Mexico City's first skyscraper / pixabay
Mexico City might be one of Latin America’s biggest metropolises, filled with 28 million people driving their cars, walking their dogs and going to work, but it’s also an incredibly visual and enticing city. There are hundreds of sights to love, thousands of buildings to admire, and a million tiny snap shots that make this city a breathtaking landscape.


The meeting place of the ancient Aztecs, the Spanish colonizers and now the millions of residents that call Mexico City home.

Mexico City’s main plaza, the zocalo / flckr © Antony Stanley

National Museum of Art

Detailed Colonial architecture is a signature element of Mexico City’s Centro Histórico, and continues to charm tourists 500 years after the conquista.

National Museum of Art / flickr © Lui_piquee

Xochimilco canals

Mexico City’s last living vestige of its lake bed origins are the labyrinth of canals that exists south of the city, a weekend fiesta and a precious natural gem.

Mexico City’s Xochmilco canals / flickr © Alejandro

Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia

A superb example of what in Mexico is called eclectic architecture, the Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia is one of the finest Catholic churches in the entire city.

La Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia, Orizaba s/n, Roma Norte, Roma Nte., Mexico City, Mex.

La Romita

A quiet sun-lit plaza is tucked into one of Mexico City’s hippest neighborhoods. La Romita was the original town that Colonia Roma grew up around.

Plaza la Romita, Cjon. de Romita 24, Roma Nte., Mexico City, Mex.

Angel de Independencia

Mexico City’s iconic symbol of freedom and triumph, el Angel, as she is called, towers over the city, protecting its inhabitants.

Angel de Independencia, Paseo de la Reforma y Eje 2 PTE, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, Mex.

Coyoacan Plaza

Coyoacan was the home of Frida and Diego but is also a little piece of the countryside in the middle of the urbanscape.

Coyoacan Plaza, Jardín Plaza Hidalgo, Delegación Coyoacán, Colonia Villa Coyoacán, Coyoacán, Mexico City, Mex.

Mexico City afternoon

Even the constant traffic of this urban monster can be beautiful if you catch it in the right light.

Mexico City afternoon traffic / pixabay Mexico City afternoon traffic / pixabay

Painted hilltop homes

In Mexico City color creeps up the hillsides of its valley on the facades of homes and shops.

Painted houses in Mexico City / flickr © VV Nincic

Colonia Santa Fe

Mexico City’s playground for the rich, Colonia Santa Fe is full of futuristic architecture and unbelievable design.

Colonia Santa Fe, Mexico City / pixabay Colonia Santa Fe, Mexico City / pixabay

Colonia Condesa

Architectural gems abound in Colonia Condesa and Colonia Roma, both built around the turn of the century as the city expanded from its original Centro Histórico boundaries.

House in Colonia Condesa / flickr © Alejandro

Manuel Tolsa Plaza

Romantic, old world, quaint, Mexico City’s plazas beg for a glass of wine and the strains of violin.

Manuel Tolsa Plaza, Calle de Tacuba S/N, Centro, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City, Mex.

Jacarandas in bloom

Every Spring jacaranda trees bomb the city with a purple haze that lingers for weeks and litters purple petal wishes all over the city sidewalks.

Jacaranda trees in Mexico City / flickr © Lui_piquee

Mexico City skyline

The city’s skyline is not overrun with skyscrapers but instead low, cozy and perfectly framed by the distant mountains.

Mexico City at dusk / flickr © PebblePicJay

Las Chinampas

The floating gardens of the Chinampas provide much of the produce consumed in Mexico City markets and are a delight to the eye looking for a nature break.

Mexico City’s Xochimilco canals / flckr © Kevin

Mexico City Tianguis

Open-air markets light up the city with colors, smells, sights and sounds, wrapping their way around street corners and engulfing entire city blocks.

Mexico City tianguis – flickr © Kevin

Centro Histórico

Some of the city’s most stunning architecture can be found in the Centro Histórico. The heart of downtown will capture your own heart.

Centro Histórico, Mexico City / flickr © Kevin

Modern architecture

Mexico City is not all Colonial archways and Aztec ruins, it’s also chock full of modern masterpieces and sweeping glass and metal towers.

Mexico City skyscrapers / flickr © Alejandro
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