U.S. Economy Takes Hit as Mexican Tourists Stay Home

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Nikki Vargas

Travel Editor

Following months of Trump’s anti-Mexico rhetoric and the promise to build a wall, Mexican tourists are less inclined to visit the United States, now costing the States billions of dollars.

In a recent report by global research firm, Tourism Economics, it was estimated that there will be a total of 1.8 million lost visits from Mexico to the U.S. this year. This number is a a 7 percent drop from the number of visits in 2015. This drop in visitation from Mexican travelers to the United States, will translate to a $1.1 billion loss for the U.S. economy.

“They don’t feel welcome,” Edgar Solis, the president of the Metropolitan Association of Travel Agencies in Mexico City, told LA Times. “In Mexico there’s a dislike of the administration and that’s created a reduction of passengers to the U.S.”


While the United States will take a financial hit from the loss of income from Mexican tourists, Mexico – on the other hand – is benefiting from the trend as travelers put their money towards local destinations instead. Rather than visit New Orleans or New York, those tourism dollars are now being funneled into local spots such as Puerto Vallarta and Cancun.

Under the new Trump administration, it is clear that tourism has taken a big hit. Due to a myriad of reasons – from the travel bans to Trump’s ‘America First’ messaging – even top U.S. tourist destinations such as New York City, have seen record lows in tourism. This year, for example, New York City can expect 300,000 fewer tourists than what is typical for the Big Apple.

As Trump’s presidency touts open hostility towards other cultures, it creates an environment that condones bigotry and open racism. It is this very message and perception that are keeping travelers away.

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