The Best Watersports Experiences in Cancun

Wind, Water & Fire; Its All You Need
Wind, Water & Fire; It's All You Need | © Zach Dischner/Flickr
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With nearly perfect weather all year round, Cancun is the ultimate destination to try watersport activities. Adrenaline junkies and adventurists can enjoy soaring above the sea or looking at the multi-colored species that call the ocean floor home. Here’s our guide to the best watersports in Cancun.


An exhilarating mashup of wakeboarding, surfing and windsurfing, this sport has become a popular favorite along the Cancun shoreline. From the beach, a slew of vibrant kites can be seen bobbing through the air attached to athletes in the sea.

Best learned in shallow water, anyone interested in kiteboarding should put aside a couple of hours during their trip to take lessons from certified, trained professionals.

Those daring enough to jump on a board have to first understand balance, wind, power and, of course, kite control.

Kiteboarding is well worth trying out


For adventure-seekers who don’t have the time in their itinerary to take sporting lessons, flyboarding is a popular option.

Flyboarders can blast into the air or shoot down into the sea with great force. The best part is that excited patrons only need to practice for a couple of minutes on this water propulsion board before they’re comfortable enough to play around on their own.

Flying high over the water with Cancun as a backdrop makes for an unforgettable afternoon.

You can get to flyboarding with only a small amount of practice


Although snorkeling is often considered the sleepy cousin to diving, this sport should not be underestimated in a place like Cancun. The pristine water of the Caribbean Sea allows for crystal-clear visibility.

With direct access to the Mesoamerican Coral Reef and a wide range of other intricate coral formations, snorkeling proves to be an unforgettable activity in this region.

Cancun has some great start-off points for snorkeling, but some of the best sites are short boat rides away from the main shores of Cancun.

Grand Velas Riviera Maya


For many first timers, surfing takes hours and hours of practice before they can even stand up on the board, let alone ride a wave.

Jetsurfing removes the learning curve by allowing riders to cruise along the water on a motorized surfboard. By eliminating the need for waves and perfect balance, this sport feels accessible to all travelers.

With competitions worldwide, jetsurfing has absolutely exploded in the watersports realm. What better place to try this trendy sport than on some of the most beautiful waters in the world?

Sunset at Holbox


Beginners and professionals flock to Cancun for some of the best diving sites with the highest visibility.

Explore the diverse ecosystems within the local reefs and discover multi-hued aquatic creatures while swimming through warm waters.

What’s even more astounding are the alternative dive sites that Cancun offers. Swimming through wrecked ships adds an eerie sensitivity to the already enigmatic feeling that surrounds diving. But the most impressive dive site of all is at Museo Subacuático de Arte (MUSA), a curated art museum that lives on the ocean floor.

There’s plenty to see when diving in Cancun

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