The 15 Best Family-Friendly Attractions in Mexico

Going to a water park is always a safe bet with children
Going to a water park is always a safe bet with children | © MFer Photography/ Flickr

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If ‘Mexico’ and ‘family-friendly’ are, in your opinion, mutually exclusive, let this guide to the top family-friendly attractions in Mexico prove you wrong. Whether you and the kids like water parks, ziplining through the jungle or even just learning about economics in a fun, accessible way (yes, really) Mexico has something for you to enjoy as a family.

1. Six Flags, Mexico City

Amusement Park

family-friendly attractions in Mexico
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The epitome of family-friendly fun just outside the Mexican capital, Six Flags is a theme park institution that has something to offer people of all heights, ages and fear levels. From roller coasters that will leave you hoarse to some tamer, younger child-friendly activities, spending a day at Six Flags is well worth it for families in Mexico.

2. Xel-Há, Cancun

Aquarium, Park

family-friendly attractions in Mexico
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It should come as no surprise that Cancun has some of the best options for families travelling with kids in Mexico, given that it’s such an easily accessible and popular tourist hub. Perhaps one of the most famous, adrenaline-pumping parks is Xel-Ha. A full holiday experience, you can snorkel in crystalline waters, float gently down rivers and zipline between the rock faces. One for the families with older children, perhaps, this is a spot that all the family will love.

3. KidZania, Mexico City


family-friendly attractions in Mexico
© Jason Graham/ Flickr
The Mexican edu-entertainment chain KidZania has a few branches around Mexico City and throughout the country (as well as a few more in places like Tokyo and London), making it an excellent option no matter where you decide to holiday in Mexico. Possibly holding more appeal to younger children, let them explore their imaginations taking part in role plays and trying their hand at different careers, as well as learning as things as complex as the economy in an accessible manner.

4. Museo Interactivo de Economía, Mexico City


Did the idea of your child learning about the ins and outs of the economy while vacaying in Mexico pique your interest? If they’re a little older than is appropriate for a stop at KidZania, then consider taking them instead to the MIDE in Mexico City. The interactive economy museum sounds like the total opposite of what a child would enjoy, but you’d be surprised. And, you might even learn something new yourself.

5. Papalote Museo del Niño, Mexico City


As with KidZania, there are a few Papalote Museums dotted across the county, from Mexico City to Monterrey and Cuernavaca. Again, this is a museum that relies on the attraction of the interactive and will keep your child stimulated and interested in the various activities for hours.

6. Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico City


family-friendly attractions in Mexico
© Agustin Polanco/ Flickr
If you’d rather enjoy a free family-friendly activity in Mexico City—something which can be tricky but not impossible to come across—then spend an afternoon roaming through the sprawling expanse of Chapultepec park instead. A huge urban green space, your children can run, play and enjoy ogling the squirrels that populate the place. Wander round the lake, rent a swan pedal boat or just grab some snacks from one of the many snack stands.

7. Acuario Inbursa, Mexico City

Aquarium, Museum

family-friendly attractions in Mexico
© DaNka Valle León/ Flickr
Aquariums are the old faithful when it comes to keeping kids entertained and one of the best Mexico City aquariums is surely Acuario Inbursa, in the upscale Polanco neighbourhood. At this subterranean spot you’ll find fish and jellyfish, as well as sharks, manta rays and even penguins.

8. Xcaret, Playa del Carmen

Amusement Park, Park

family-friendly attractions in Mexico
© Rosalba Tarazona /Flickr
The sister attraction to the aforementioned Xel-Ha, Xcaret is a destination in its own right. Stay at the hotel, enjoy the cenotes, pools of super clear water and numerous shows, water activities and relaxation options on offer that will appeal to all ages. If you want a spot where both parents and children can enjoy themselves to the max, you must consider Xcaret.

9. Splash, Puerto Vallarta

Amusement Park

family-friendly attractions in Mexico
© MFer Photography/ Flickr

If you’re headed to the opposite coast, to popular tourist destination Puerto Vallarta, then you should head to Splash water park for an afternoon instead. A little on the smaller side, there are a handful of pools for both children and adults, plus a few water slides. Inflatable rubber rings are available to rent and, best of all, beers are super cheap.

10. Ziplining, Puerto Vallarta

Amusement Park

family-friendly attractions in Mexico
© Brian Holsclaw/ Flickr

Rather than recommending a specific ziplining company—there are several comparable companies to choose from in Puerto Vallarta, especially—let us simply recommend the activity in and of itself. Vallarta’s strategic location between the jungle and the coast allows for some great ziplining spots, where you can whizz in between the tree tops and enjoy some spectacular views. An unmissable family-friendly activity for those who are good with heights.

11. Museo La Esquina, San Miguel de Allende


family-friendly attractions in Mexico
© Christopher Michel/ Flickr

If you’re planning a small-town vacation, in the quaint San Miguel de Allende, rather than at one of the popular tourist spots or the Mexican capital, don’t fret because the excellent Museo La Esquina has you covered. An introduction to the rich artisanal history and culture of Mexico, there are five permanent exhibitions where you and your family can marvel over handmade toys and other articles. If your children spot something they like, they can pick up their own in the gift shop, or even take part in one of the regular workshops that takes place there.

12. Tortugranja, Isla Mujeres


family-friendly attractions in Mexico
© Deb Nystrom/ Flickr

Just off the Caribbean coast of Mexico lies Isla Mujeres, a tourist favourite easily reached by ferry from Playa del Carmen or Cancun. It’s also home to a top family-friendly attraction in Mexico—the Tortugranja, a.k.a. Turtle Farm. You can peek into the pools where the recently hatched turtles are housed and even take a look at the adults too. They also sell food pellets so you can enjoy seeing them snap up their lunch.

13. Pirate Show Jolly Roger, Cancun


family-friendly attractions in Mexico
© Serge Melki/ Flickr

What better way to entertain antsy children of an evening than a gaudy pirate ship show? Off the coast of Cancun, there are a few pirate shows which take place each night, and include a full dinner and drinks depending on the package you choose. We recommend the Pirate Show Jolly Roger for its excellent reviews and immersive experience.

14. Bosque Los Colomos, Guadalajara


© Emerson Posadas / Flickr
Another park option for parents with children that just want to enjoy the fresh air, Bosque Colomos on the outskirts of Guadalajara is an excellent family-friendly spot. You can dispense food for the ducks, enjoy watching the turtles basking on rocks and, as with Chapultepec Park in Mexico City, marvel over the many, many squirrels. There is also a quaint Japanese garden and many open areas to have a picnic and just relax as a family.

15. Selvatica, Puerto Morelos

Amusement Park

family-friendly attractions in Mexico
© Curtis Palmer/ Flickr

Finally, our last family-friendly attraction in Mexico takes us back to the Caribbean coast with the adventure park Selvatica. As opposed to Xel-Ha and Xcaret which focus more on water activities, Selvatica is all about the ziplines, quad biking and adrenaline-raising options. One for the daredevils amongst you.

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