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Boutique Point d'Exclamation, Quebec City | Courtesy of Boutique Point d'Exclamation
Boutique Point d'Exclamation, Quebec City | Courtesy of Boutique Point d'Exclamation

The Best Independent Fashion Boutiques in Quebec City

Picture of Emily Paskevics
Updated: 27 October 2017

Quebec City is home to numerous independent fashion boutiques, many of which lie in the popular historic district. As you wander through the history and architecture of one of North America’s oldest walled cities, check out the following independent shops if you want to discover great local and international brands.

Le Blanc Mouton

Le Blanc Mouton is a family-run boutique located close to the famous Château Frontenac in the Quartier Petit Champlain, which is Quebec City’s historic neighborhood. Since 1980, the shop has been specializing in clothing and accessories for women who are looking for unique elements to add to their personal styles. The sales staff will help visitors put together outfits made from one-of-a-kind and often hand-woven items, from summer dresses to dress suits.

Le Blanc Mouton, 51 Rue Sous le Fort, Quebec City, Canada, +1 418 692 2880

Boutique Point d’Exclamation

Tucked away just beyond the main tourist neighborhood of Quebec City, Point d’Exclamation has been around since 2004. Offering a variety of stylish Quebecois creations, there is a wide selection of clothing, jewelry, and fashion accessories. There are also international fair-trade crafts and other items available. You will also find vintage pieces, and the décor of the shop itself is a delight to explore.

Point d’Exclamation, 762 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec City, Canada, +1 418 525 8053


Marie Josée Chagnon is the mastermind behind Marie-Osée, and she opened her boutique and the creative studio in 2002. Created and designed entirely in Quebec, the clothing and accessories here span collections of unique ready-to-wear clothing, streetwear, and wedding and evening dresses. The boutique’s inventory is frequently renewed, so you can come across great new finds every time you visit.

Marie-Osée, 171 Rue Saint-Vallier O, Quebec City, Canada, +1 418 523 1132

Courtesy of Marie-OsŽe

Courtesy of Marie-OsŽe

Boutique Aqua

Boutique Aqua is a unique, nautical-themed shop that sells clothing and accessories for beach and sea lovers—from towels to beach mats, bags, hats, sandals, décor items, and more. Aqua is relatively new to the boutique scene in Quebec City, established in 2015, but it fills an unusual niche that will appeal to sailing enthusiasts, cottagers, and holiday-makers. Located in the Quartier Petit-Champlain, Aqua is a franchise established by Quebeckers of the European brand and the only location in Canada.

Boutique Aqua, 88 Rue du Petit Champlain, Quebec City, Canada, +1 418 614 0888

Courtesy of Boutique Aqua

Courtesy of Boutique Aqua

Boutique Lucia F.

Boutique Lucia F. is a vintage-inspired clothing shop with well-curated items for both men and women. Named after owner Cheryl Campbell’s cool aunt, the shop offers visitors the opportunity to browse unique items to add some character and retro flair to their outfits.

Boutique Lucia F. 34 Rue Saint-Joseph O, Quebec City, Canada, +1 418 262 2629

Courtesy of Boutique Lucia F. / Grégory Clapperton

Boutique Séraphin

Boutique Séraphin has been a mainstay of the Quebec City fashion scene for over 20 years, offering clothing and accessories for men and women. The store maintains a relaxed atmosphere, showcasing different local brands as well as international names, such as Calvin Klein and Levi’s, at varied prices.

Boutique Séraphin, 738 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec City, Canada, +1 418 522 2533