10 Best Restaurants In Quebec City, Canada

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9 February 2017

At the heart of Quebec’s culinary scene is a connection to tradition, channelled into the menus via the use of local farmers’ produce. Here is our guide to Quebec’s finest cultural restaurants.

Quebec City

Phil Smoked Meat

Locally renowned for its lovingly made smoked meats, Phil Smoked Meat Restaurant is a well-loved establishment. It offers exactly what it says on the tin: good, local, humble food – something Quebec takes pride in. The restaurant, with its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, is ideal for a lunch stop, with owner Phillipe P. Bolduc regularly present to welcome you inside. With an open kitchen, you can even sit at the bar and watch your meal being prepared for you with Phil Smoked Meat’s trademark care and attention.

iX pour Bistro

Run by a charismatic duo, Vincent and Benoit Lemieux, this bistro is a culinary haven from the ruggedness of its exterior and the neighborhood. With only nine tables, booking is a necessity, but once you’ve bagged a table you’re in for a culinary treat. With an attentive host and menus written up on the walls, it’s as if you can tailor your own private dining experience. Follow Vincent’s recommendation and try the calvados as a palate cleanser, and the honey wine with your dessert. iX pour Bistro is not just a restaurant, but a memorable evening out in itself.

Calvados | © Amanda Slater

La Cuisine Du Marche

Just one minute away from the Quebec Bridge, you can discover La Cuisine Du Marche, a little house that has been converted into a cosy bistro by Hugo and Caroline Bernier, a husband-and-wife team that warmly invite you indoors. As the name suggests, they pride themselves on preparing everything fresh on site, using the best ingredients. Dishes such as the salmon tartare and the wagyu beef come highly recommended for packing a flavorsome punch. The Berniers enjoy experimenting with food and discovering new tastes, offering a menu-of-the day to keep your tastebuds on their toes.

Salmon Tartare | © Jessica Spengler

La Gueule de Bois

La Guele de Bois is an unassuming restaurant from the exterior, mainly because the restaurant’s complete focus is on the food and diners’ enjoyment of it. Staff are knowledgeable and passionate about what they cook and serve, and so allow customers to take their time in ordering. Thus, what may be considered slow service should actually be regarded as attentive. Diners should try the lobster risotto, the bison carpuccio, and the tangy lime and basil ice cream or an indulgent chocolate fondant.

Lobster Risotto | © Sarah Stierch

La Tanière

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Founded in 1977, La Tanière remains a highly renowned name in Quebec City’s culinary A-list at the hands of co-owners Karen Therrien and Frédéric Laplante, who have kept the restaurant constantly up to date with contemporary methods and inspiration. The food itself promises locally sourced produce (given an avant-garde face-lift) in a series of 10-, 15- and 20-course menus. For instance, the venison has remained a staple of the restaurant’s menu but is prepared exquisitely using modern techniques. The setting itself is wholly unique, incorporating the artwork of Quebec-based artists to show its commitment to its local roots.

Le Patriarche

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Le Patriarche, Québec
Le Patriarche, Québec | © Le Patriarche/Catherine Côté
You will find Le Patriarche right in the heart of Old Quebec, occupying a 19th century stone house near Porte Saint-Jean, an area filled with markets and small livestock farmers. Chef Stéphane Roth takes these rustic ingredients and, using the trilogies du terroir (the rule of three individual dishes within each course), creates modern masterpieces. In an intimate setting, diners are presented with good local produce reworked to enhance its natural flavor. Recommendations include the Quebec lamb, wild boar and foie gras.

Le Saint-Amour

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Le Saint-Amour is a renowned icon of Quebec fine dining and is regarded as one of the most romantic restaurants in the city. Tradition and innovation fuse in this historical crux of Canada, under the watchful eye of chef Jean-Luc Boulay, whose food may be distinguished by its impeccable freshness and vibrant creativity. Such creativity, combined with healthy local produce, ensures a truly sophisticated dining experience. Le Saint-Amour is divided into three rooms, the most striking of which is the indoor garden, home to a remarkable wine cellar and spectacular high glass ceiling.


Located in the Auberge Saint-Antoine Hotel, in a riverside warehouse restored from the 1800s, Panache restaurant has been serving the locals the finest food since 2004. Chef Louis Pacquelin uses produce from the restaurant’s very own organic garden to serve up the freshest and most seasonal ingredients. His elegant dishes tell the story of their French-Canadian heritage, in a beautiful setting, overlooking the river, and with gourmet finesse. Dinner may be accompanied by a bottle of one of Panache’s 12,000 fine wines, all housed in its wine cellar and boasting an impressive 700 labels from 14 countries.

Restaurant Legende

Restaurant Legende is the sister restaurant to La Tanière and pays homage to its culinary heritage with an equally impeccable attention to detail. You can choose to have your meal served on half plates, for a tapas-style dining experience. Or choose full plates if you just want to indulge in one dish. The Granny Smith dessert, an apple pie infused with cilantro, comes particularly highly recommended. For such a young restaurant, opened only recently, Legende’s consistently good reviews suggest it has learnt well from its reputable older sibling, and is definitely one to watch.


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Old Port of Quebec
Old Port of Quebec | © Jazmin Million
Unlike many other restaurants in Quebec, Toast! is internationally adventurous with its menu, scouring the globe for different flavors and fragrances to inspire its dishes. Stéphane D’Anjou and chef Christian Lemelin established the restaurant, found in the Old Port of Quebec in the Hotel Lepriori, in 2003. While still using traditional local produce, the kitchen experiments with the flavors, creating unusual and original combinations. With its garden terrace, the restaurant is perfect for an idyllic and romantic dinner during the summer.