The Top 10 Restaurants In Cochrane, Alberta

The Top 10 Restaurants In Cochrane, Alberta
Cochrane, one of Alberta’s fastest growing communities just outside Calgary, already has a restaurant scene that would seem to come from a much bigger town. It’s well worth a trip just to feel like you’re going back in time to the Old West, but beyond that, you’re also going to have some really great food. There’s always something exciting opening up, but for now, here are our picks for Cochrane’s 10 best restaurants.

Tim’s Gourmet Pizza in Cochrane

You think you love pizza? Tim’s Gourmet Pizza in Cochrane really loves pizza. A mainstay at local farmers’ markets for a while now, they recently opened up a location in Cochrane, and it has quickly become one of the town’s favorite spots. Once you dive into one of their pies, you’ll know exactly why. Their pizzas range from the familiar — pepperoni, ham and pineapple — to the new and exciting, like the Honey Bunch, which features honey, thyme, prosciutto, and goat’s cheese, or the Spolumbo Sausage, with sausage, prosciutto, and cranberries. If you’re in the mood for a quiet night home, you can also order a frozen pizza to go and then bake it yourself.

Tim’s Gourmet Pizza, 111 2nd Ave West, Cochrane, AB, Canada, +1 587 362 2953

The Texas Gate Bar & Grill

Bar, Canadian, Wine, Beer, $$$
The Texas Gate joins a long history of establishments in the historic building that it calls home. It was once called the Rockyview Hotel, and its saloon was a gathering place for anyone who wanted to escape the strict confines of society at the time. Nowadays, there may not be much to escape, but the saloon can still offer you a gorgeous view of the mountains, a delicious meal, and an unfailingly good time. For a real treat, try their Saturday Champagne Cowboy Brunch special.
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Portofino Italian Restaurant

Restaurant, Italian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free, $$$
Portofino’s owner brings years of expertise from working in restaurants across Canada, and now since 2004, Cochrane has been benefitting from it in the form of this lovely Italian restaurant. Everything from the decor to the scents emanating from the kitchen will prime your senses to enjoy an expertly crafted Italian meal. Their menu is very typical for the cuisine, offering simple dishes where the freshness and quality of the ingredients are allowed to speak for themselves. This is a perfect place for an intimate dinner out or a night when you’d like to dress up a little.
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Jaipur Indian Cuisine

Restaurant, Indian, Vegetarian
Jaipur Indian Cuisine may be relatively new to Cochrane, but its owner-and-chef team are certainly not new to the restaurant business. Trained in England and seasoned in Calgary with a number of very successful ventures there, they’ve now moved on to Cochrane, and Jaipur Indian Cuisine now allows them to funnel all of their knowledge and expertise into educating the people of Cochrane on the health benefits and delicious flavors that come from Indian food. If you have any questions about the food, the servers will be more than happy to advise you — or you can sign up for a cooking class and learn yourself.
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Thanh Thy Vietnamese Cuisine

Restaurant, Vietnamese
The bright and friendly Thanh Thy Vietnamese Cuisine is another restaurant that has the education of the public as one of its main goals. They recognize that not everyone may have had the opportunity to try authentic Vietnamese food, so they’re very happy to help you navigate your way through the menu. If Vietnamese cuisine is something you’re familiar with, you’ll still be impressed with what appears on your plate. For a real deal, stop by at lunch on a weekday for one of their lunch combos.
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MacKay’s Cochrane Ice Cream

Although you may not be able to get a full meal at MacKay’s, it’s too much of a local institution to not appear on this list. In business since 1948, MacKay’s has cemented itself in Cochrane’s collective heart with a combination of warmth and friendliness and, of course, some of the best ice cream you’ll find. They’ve managed to stay in the family and stay committed to their family recipes, even while undergoing a huge expansion in response to local demand. The list of flavors has kept expanding as well, to the point where it might take you longer to decide what you want than it will for you to eat it.

MacKay’s Ice Cream, 220 1st St W, Cochrane, AB, Canada, +1 403 932 2455

Donair On The Run

If you’re not familiar with the word ‘donair,’ you haven’t been in Canada long enough — it’s their take on the more European-friendly döner, and they do them just as well over here, particularly at Cochrane’s Donair on the Run. It’s a small place, but that’s exactly what you want out of a kebab joint. In addition to excellent donairs, they also have the best falafel in town and the special donair pizza, which is a real local favorite. When you’re looking for a quick lunch, some exotic flavors, and an overall pleasant experience, this is a great place to come.

Donair On The Run, 407 1st St W, Cochrane, AB, Canada, +1 403 932 2112

My Greek Plate

Restaurant, Canadian, Greek, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, $$$
For a similar flavor to the donair but an altogether different experience, you’ve got My Greek Plate. This excellent Greek restaurant has everything from mouthwatering hummus and tzatziki to the moussaka of your dreams. With their welcoming atmosphere and constant stream of upbeat Greek music, you’ll almost be fooled into thinking that you’re sitting on an island in the Mediterranean. One key element of Greek cuisine is fresh vegetables and simple flavors combined in exciting ways, and they definitely have that down at My Greek Plate.
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Guy’s Café & Bakery

Bakery, Cafe, Canadian, Fast Food, Vegetarian, Coffee, Tea
You might expect Guy’s Café & Bakery to be your typical coffee place, but you will be wowed by how much more they bring to that well-known formula. They call their staff ‘the insane bunch,’ so you know you’ll have a great time. Next, of course, is their coffee, which is all organic, and they’re happy to prepare it in whichever special way you like it. Their food is just as great, always featuring freshly baked bread and soups cooked daily, and their daily specials always give you something new to try. And finally, of course, it is a bakery — so you won’t be left stranded without dessert. There’s really a lot to enjoy.
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Mehtab East Indian Cuisine

Restaurant, Indian, Vegetarian, $$$
If you’d like to explore the exotic scents and flavors of East Indian food, Mehtab East Indian Cuisine is your place in Cochrane. They offer a daytime buffet, and then their à la carte menu starts from 4pm every day. Their menu, which is reasonably priced, will transport you far away. It’s far too long and varied to decide on just one thing, so come with a group of people and then order family style so you can try a bit of everything. Their butter chicken is one of their main specialties, and you really shouldn’t walk out of the restaurant without trying it.
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