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The Best Sushi Spots In Calgary
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The Best Sushi Spots In Calgary

Picture of Harriet Myers
Updated: 24 November 2016
If you’re looking for great sushi, you’re in luck! Here’s our top 10 choices from Calgary’s multitude of delicious offerings.
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Towa Sushi

Named after the Japanese word for ‘forever’, Towa Sushi has been serving great quality sushi for over a decade. The menu here is huge, with a large number of more unusual contemporary options, including tempura, noodle dishes and salads, as well as their signature sushi roll and sashimi offerings. Portions are equally lavish, so although the place is little on the pricier side, you definitely won’t leave hungry!

Towa Sushi, 2116 4 Street South West, Calgary, AB, Canada, +1 403 245 8585

Sushi Bar Zipang - Assorted Sushi
Assorted Sushi at Sushi Bar Zipang, Calgary | © Calgary Reviews/Flickr
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Sushi Bar Zipang

One of the busiest sushi spots in the city is Sushi Bar Zipang, where reservations are must almost every day of the week. If you do manage to score a table, however, this place is home to some of the freshest sushi available. Plenty of authentic options are on offer and the attentive staff are more than happy to advise on menu choices, or make substitutions for those with special dietary requirements.

Sushi Bar Zipang, 1010 1 Avenue North East, Calgary, AB, Canada, +1 403 262 1888

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Red Ember Japanese Cuisine

A small haunt tucked away in Calgary’s Kensington neighborhood is Red Ember Japanese Cuisine. With a shorter menu than many other sushi places, this restaurant focuses on true authenticity and great service. The atmosphere is not the most upmarket, but prices are reasonable and the presentation of each dish is truly impressive for its great value.

Red Ember Japanese Cuisine, 609 14 Street North West, Calgary, AB, Canada, +1 403 453 0577

Shikiji Japanese Noodles - Calgary Alberta
Skikiji Japanese Noodles – Calgary | © Elsie Hui/Flickr
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A compact sushi spot is Shikiji, a hidden gem located just outside the city’s downtown area. The sushi offerings here range from classic salmon nigiri rolls to the more unusual Cajun chicken casear and calamari speciality roll options. The service is speedy and although it can be busy at weekends, you shouldn’t normally have to wait long for a table, especially at the more casual bar seating area.

Shikiji, 1608 Centre Street North East, Calgary, AB, Canada, +1 403 520 0093

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Shibuya Izakaya

A neighborhood favorite that has also been featured in multiple publications, including the Calgary Herald and Swerve Magazine, is Shibuya Izakaya. Combining traditional Japanese sushi with a Korean fusion twist, this place serves a number of tempting options, ranging from simple to adventurous. If it’s too chilly for sushi, their ramen is also fantastic and some of the tastiest in the city.

Sushi Club, 449 16 Avenue North East, Calgary, AB, Canada, +1 403 277 8823