Places You Just Can't Skip if You're Visiting Lebanon

Jbeil is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world
Jbeil is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world | © Amanda Ahn / Alamy Stock Photo

While Beirut is beautiful in its own right, there are many other places to visit in Lebanon. The country is full of towns to explore and take in, so here are those places you just can’t skip if you’re visiting Lebanon.

1. Tripoli

Architectural Landmark

Boats bob in the Port area (Al-Mina) in Tripoli
© Paul Doyle / Alamy Stock Photo

The second-largest city in Lebanon, Tripoli has to be on your itinerary. Slightly underappreciated by tourists because of its previous political unrest, it’s one of the misunderstood cities in the world. Tripoli has a unique history being on the coast of the Mediterranean and a hub for the Ottoman influence in Lebanon. You’ll find pieces of history and modernity littered all over the city. From old mosques to new cafes there’s a bit of everything in this small piece of Lebanon.

2. Batroun

Architectural Landmark

mediterranean coast at Batroun, Lebanon, Middle East, West Asia
© Egmont Strigl / agefotostock / Alamy Stock Photo

Another small coastal town, Batroun is one of Lebanon’s most beautiful venues and definitely a favorite among locals and tourists. Its picturesque streets, amazing seas views and welcoming people make it one of Lebanon’s best towns. If you’re having a short road trip through Lebanon, Batroun is definitely the place to stop for lunch.

3. Jbeil

Architectural Landmark

Mediterranean city historic center panorama with old church and mosque and residential buildings in the background, Biblos, Lebanon
© Vadim Nefedov / Alamy Stock Photo

One of Lebanon’s most popular tourist destinations, Jbeil has definitely earned its visitors. The town’s well-maintained historical landmarks, amazing atmosphere and beautiful landscape have made it the place to spend the weekend. It’s old souk, sea-view hotels and tourist sites will leave you wanting more as the city’s charm never seems to run out.

4. Cedars of God

Architectural Landmark

Lots of buildings on a hill at Ouadi Qadisha and the Forest of the Cedars of God
© Horizon Images/Motion / Alamy Stock Photo

A historical landmark and ski venue, the Cedars in Lebanon are one of its most distinctive sites. Located in Bcharre, this popular ski haven is home to the historical Cedars of Lebanon. The trees have been mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh and the bible; they were also utilized in the legendary Phoenician fleet. The deep history and entertainment value put this place on your must-visit list.

5. Baalbek

Architectural Landmark

The Temple of Venus in the ruins of the Roman city of Heliopolis or Baalbek in the Beqa Valley
© Marco Ramerini / Alamy Stock Photo

Home to Lebanon’s most famous historical landmark, the Roman Ruins, Baalbek is a “classical” destination to visit in Lebanon. The temple of Ishtar and Venus, the ruins will take you back to a time of magic, oracles and ancient gods. Walk where generations have gone before and try to visualize what it would have been like to live under the rule of ancient Rome.

6. Tyr

Architectural Landmark

The ruins at Tyr Lebanon with bricks and broken columns
© char abumansoor / Alamy Stock Photo

Another famous site for Roman ruins, Tyr is an underrated site in the country. Its deep Phoenician and Roman histories make it a treasure for history seekers. Take a trip down south of Beirut and embrace the place’s energy and history. Tyr is the perfect stop for a local but distinctive meal and change of pace from the bustle of the capital.

7. Bekaa Valley

Architectural Landmark

The ruins at The site of Baalbek with a large standing buildings with columns and other fallen buildings
© simone migliaro / Alamy Stock Photo

Home to expansive green stretches and the country’s famous wineries, Bekaa Valley is definitely a place to spend the weekend. Drive around the countryside and visit wineries like Chateau Ksara. Get to know another side of Lebanon as you discover more of this amazing Valley.

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