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The 10 Best Restaurants In Kuwait City

The 10 Best Restaurants In Kuwait City

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Updated: 9 February 2017
When it comes to high quality dining experiences, Kuwait offers an exciting array of options, from smoking hookah in a five-star hotel, to dining in the finest Caribbean-style restaurants or sipping tea in chic Lebanese cafes. We take a look at the 10 best cultural restaurants in Kuwait City.
Image Courtesy of Ubon
Image Courtesy of Ubon


Caribbean Hut

Founded by Puerto Rican chef Ibrahim Bader Al Boreeqee, whose passions bring the unique taste of authentic Puerto Rican and Caribbean food to Kuwait City, Caribbean Hut aims to convey the colorful Caribbean oceanic culture and atmosphere, with its diverse recipes such as pollo guisado, spicy Trinidad chicken or the chicken chops with rice. With its affordable prices and the new special items added to the menu such as amarillos (fried sweet plantain) and ropa vieja con tostones, Caribbean Hut is the only Caribbean restaurant in Kuwait City and is a place hard to resist.

Caribbean Hut Restaurant, Abu Halifa, Kuwait City, Kuwait, +1 965 557 13750


Image Courtesy of Carribean Hut Restaurant
Image Courtesy of Carribean Hut Restaurant



Dedicated to serving contemporary Thai food cooked with the finest ingredients imported directly from Thailand, Ubon specializes in the most exotic, crafted recipes. When it comes to Thai curry, Ubon offers its guests the opportunity to choose from diverse dishes such as the beef massaman, shrimp yellow, or the duck panang curry. Furthermore, guests also get to choose from exotic noodle dishes like the green tea, pink curry and shrimp pang Thai, as well as a delectable selection of seasonal desserts.

Ubon Restaurant, Al Salhiya, Ali AlSalim Street, Aljawhara Tower, Block 11, Plot No 5, Ground Floor, Kuwait City, Kuwait, +1 965 2226 0848


Image Courtesy of Ubon
Image Courtesy of Ubon



Melenzane, which means ‘eggplant’ in Italian, launched with the idea to bring the best of Italian and Sicilian cuisine to Kuwait City. With its two other branches in Hamra and Bida, Melenzane is dedicated to offering an intimate and classy environment where guests can enjoy the best of Italian cuisine including top-notch Italian pizza. At Melenzane, guests have the choice between the many recipes listed in its menu such as the Catania calmari, the ricco morso steak, or the venue’s signature risotto and panini sandwiches.

Melenzane Restaurant, lbida’e, Al ta’awon Street, Salmiya Kuwait City, Kuwait, +1 965 222 63112


Open Flame

Aiming to provide an upscale fusion cuisine with a touch of international atmosphere, Open Flame offers the ultimate American experience with its location in one of Kuwait City’s biggest malls. When it comes to its menu, guests can begin with the classic appetizers like the rosemary chili potato gratin or onion rings. For the main course, Open Flame offers a variety of menu options such as the Emperor burgers, the Lobster Fireworks or the wood-fired pizza. Furthermore, for a more interesting experience while dining, guests can watch the Open Flame show, Flame Cooking, which consists of drama and action through flashes of fire and where cooking skills are demonstrated by Open Flame’s chefs.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant, 360 Mall, 6th Ring Road, Kuwait City, Kuwait, +1 965 253 09990


Leila Restaurant

Founded in 2006, Leila Restaurant and its shop is a mix between modern and traditional Lebanese cuisine. By serving ‘Grandma’s cooking,’ Leila is not only the perfect place to grab a healthier meal, but also to enjoy authentic Lebanese dishes anytime of the day. Leila’s menu includes items such as the shish touk, kafta platter and the signature dish makame min Leila. For coffee lovers, Leila is a perfect place to enjoy the local Lebanese coffee recipes such as rakwet ahwet, a blend of Lebanese coffee served in a traditional kettle, or the ahweh bel hail, Lebanese coffee mixed with cardamom beans. These unique options put Leila on the list of Kuwait’s must-try restaurants.

Leila Restaurant, Avenues Mall, Salhia Plaza, Ghazali Street and Mohammed Bin Alqasem Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait, +1 965 229 96414


Assaha Village

Due to its popularity, Assaha Village restaurant and terrace fills up quickly, so making a reservation ahead of time is always recommended. Dedicated to bringing traditional Lebanese culture to guests and designed by the architect Jamal Ali Maki, Assaha Village dining is located in an old-fashioned hotel in the heart of Kuwait City. Showcasing the best of Lebanon, the venue offers the choice between an authentic Lebanese buffet or à la carte items, each accompanied with freshly baked warm bread and zingy hummus. On the menu guests can find local dishes such as the moreish grilled shrimps or the mouth-watering lamb cutlets along with a variety of Middle Eastern desserts. Upon request, guests have the chance to watch the Assaha Village dishes being cooked.

Assaha Village Restaurant, Al Khalij Al Arabi Street, Bnaid Al Gar, Kuwait City, Kuwait,

+1 96 5225 333377


Slider Station

A fine burger restaurant, the Slider Station aims to give Kuwait City residents the opportunity to experience ‘industrial chic’, a concept of an American gas station-style dining during the 1940s. Along with its classic American style, the Slider Station burger boutique consists of tapas including the wagyu cheese steak served with fresh ingredients such as grilled onions, mushrooms, and provolone cheese, or the Slider Station BBQ Bullets special, which is a mix of fresh noisettes braised in homemade BBQ sauce. Also served are unusual burgers like the nut cracker black widow, the black widow and the ninja burgers.

Slider Station Restaurant, 29th Floor, Al Jon Tower, Fahad Al Salem Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait, +1 965 249 54395


Mais Alghanim

Respected for its commitment to hospitality and high quality food, Mais Alghanim dates back to 1953, when it was founded by Edmond Barat. In 2003, Mais Laghanim opened its second restaurant in the region of Mahboula and expanded its ‘to go’ and delivery business across Kuwait. With its traditional Kuwaiti design and an elegant, warm atmosphere, Mais Alghanim offers a large and exquisite variety of Lebanese dishes, from appetizers, salads, and soups to authentic entrées. Along with their signature refreshment drinks and excellent service, Mais Alghanim is the place to be with family and friends.

Mais Alghaim Restaurant, Gulf Road, Across From Kuwait Towers, Sharq, Kuwait City, Kuwait, +1 965 2225 1155


Shahrayar Iranian

Bringing Persian culture to its two locations in Kuwait City, Shahrayar Iranian offers the ultimate classic setting for guests to experience the old tradition of Persian and Iranian culinary artistry. Surrounded by an exotic stained glass mosaic, guests can enjoy the diversity of Persian cooking from cold and hot mezze such as the orhani badenjan, the salad fasl with lemon dressing, or the traditional Iranian delicious vegetable stews bamiyeh and zabzi.

Shahrayar Iranian, Safat 13060 / Fahd Al-Salem Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait, +1 965 2242 2055



A contemporary Asian restaurant, Oliversan’s modern decor consists of elegant furniture, beautiful marquis chairs and bowler hat lighting, which create a warm and intimate environment where guests can revel not only in the lavish decoration, but also in the carefully constructed international dishes made with high quality ingredients. In Oliversan, Chef Louis Kenji Huag’s passion is to bring the sophistication of craft Asian cooking to the heart of Kuwait City. Among his signature dishes are the Oliversan crispy duck with freshly cut cucumber and spring onions, or the Mongolian beef tenderloin, which consists of tender slices of succulent beef with a special sauce made with chili, along with special fried rice and seafood dishes.

Oliversan Restaurant, Murqab, Jassim Tower, Facing Discovery Mall, Kuwait City, Kuwait, +1 965 2290 1051