A Fitness Lover's Guide to Jordan

Hiking in Wadi Rum desert | © HikinginJordan/Flickr
Hiking in Wadi Rum desert | © HikinginJordan/Flickr
Jordan may not be best known for being a fitness fanatic’s dream, but there are many activities, classes and outdoor adventures you can embark on while living here, to keep on top of your health and fitness. From hiking the length of the country on The Jordan Trail, to women’s self-defence classes in Amman, there is really something for everyone.


Jordan is incredibly diverse in landscape, boasting green rolling hills in the north and the hot wadi rum desert in the south, as well as everything else in between. A great way to explore this landscape and get some exercise at the same time is to hike around the country. The Jordan Trail is a route which covers 650km of trail. The whole trail would take you around 40 days to complete.

Hiking in Wadi Rum desert © HikinginJordan/Flickr


If you are not an outdoors workout kind of person then you can opt for one of the many gyms in Amman. Both Fitness First gym and Power Hut have a fully equipped gym as well as offering classes such as yoga, pilates and spin throughout the week.


Inhalejo is a fitness centre with a twist. The classes cater to people of all levels, whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, reduce stress or feel healthier. What sets them apart from other fitness centres and gyms in the city is that they pride themselves on catering to individuals rather than mass producing workouts. Classes include mat pilates, reformer pilates, yogalates, stretchilates, cardiolates and aerobics, as well as personal training and pre and post-natal classes on demand.

Abdoun, Amman +962 7 9530 0569 (call for exact directions)

Inta Ana Studio

If you’re looking for a more mindful approach to fitness, then Inta Ana studio is a good option. They offer yoga and pilates classes from their studio in Jabal l’weibdeh which looks over stunning views of Amman.

Yoga is excellent for your mind, body and soul © Evan Lovely/Flickr

Chi Centre

Taking mind, body and soul into consideration, Chi Centre offers classes in yoga, meditation, capoeira and martial arts as well as holding regular workshops and talks on how to reach your infinite potential from within.

*The Chi Centre does not currently have a permanent location, check out their Facebook page to see where and when their classes and events are.


CrossFit is essentially a high-intensity fitness program which incorporates elements of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. It’s an excellent way to get fit and burn some major calories, and there are currently two CrossFit centres in Amman, the CrossFit Crescent and CrossFit QuickSand.

CrossFit Crescent, Wadi As-Seir, Amman, Jordan, +962 7 9722 8865

CrossFit Quicksand, Zahran, Amman, Jordan, +962 7 7848 4484

CrossFit tyre push © tacofleur/Pixabay

She Fighter

She Fighter is the first self-defence centre for women in Jordan and the Middle East. Designed to empower women physically and psychologically, She Fighter not only gives women the opportunity to defend themselves but also increases their confidence – plus it’s a great way to build up fitness and release stress.

Running Club Amman

Amman is made of several hills and mountains, which makes running around the city a challenging. Joining a running club will ensure that you are going along safer routes and you will get to know the areas where running is more possible as well as pleasurable!


There are also many fantastic races to take part in if you are a runner in Jordan. The Dead 2 Red is a relay race where teams run from the Dead Sea down to the southern Red Sea off the coast of Aqaba. The race is organised yearly, held every March.

The Dead Sea, Jordan ©MattCottam/flickr


Cycling is a wonderful way for you to enjoy a country, meet new people and explore cultures. Cycling Jordan organises bike tours around the country, so be sure to book onto one of them.

Cycling in Jordan © Mario Micklisch/Flickr