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A great way to experience Tel Aviv’s unique vibe is to take a stroll through its quirkiest shops. Unlike other major cities, Tel Aviv doesn’t have an equivalent to New York’s 5th Avenue or London’s Regent Street. From bikes shops to ceramics galleries, here are the top unconventional shops you must visit In Tel Aviv.



Hastudia in Jaffa is simply a heaven for those who love handmade goods, up-cycling and simply good quality materials. There’s a place for everyone here: it’s a shared workspace, a shop and a perfect platform for meeting creative individuals and learning some new craft (like building wood menorah or a lamp). Local artists made the items that are available to purchase in the shop, which is also a community center for whoever want to get their hands dirty. You’ll find wooden kitchen supplies, traditional African wool baskets and home brewed beer. Once you’re inspired by a particular item and decide to make it yourself, you can always book a table, join a workshop or take a training session with Hastudia teachers.
Hastudia, 4 Ditsa St, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 363 56866

Bauhaus Center

Architecture enthusiasts will love the Bauhaus Center, where you can take a tour of Tel Aviv’s famous Bauhaus buildings, visit the gallery, and, of course, shop at the store Center itself. The main principle of Bauhaus is to combine fine arts and crafts and although the school of Bauhaus was opened 1919 and functioned until 1933, nowadays this concept of combining arts and crafts is again of current interest for all the open workshops, art schools and contemporary art approaches. For all Tel Aviv visitors, it’s a must to visit Bauhaus Centre and get to know why in fact Tel-Aviv is called ‘The White City.’ Publications on Bauhaus., designed items, inspired by the smooth lines of the style, posters, candlesticks and much more can be found in this amazing educational shop.
Bauhaus Center, 99 Dizengoff st, Tel-Aviv, Israel, +972 352 20249

Ilana Goor Museum Giftshop

Ilana Goor Museum Gift Shop

The eponymously named museum hosts the work of Ilana Goor, a multidisciplinary artist and designer with a style of combining rough materials such as such as bronze, aluminum and tin. Her designs inspire self-exploration and trigger associations with life and death, eternal search and overcoming difficulties. Within the Ilana Goor Museum, there’s a unique gift shop that is worth exploring. Here, in the bottom level of the museum, the store offers Goor’s jewelry, functional art, furniture and lighting design.
Ilana Goor Museum Gift Shop, 6 Mazal Arye, Old Jaffa, Israel, +972 3 683 7676

One Bike Studio

Regardless if you are a casual, recreational, or hardcore biker, you will be impressed with One Bike Studio. These guys know their stuff when it comes to design, quality and reasonable prices. Want something unique and specific to your biking needs? You can have your bike custom-built in the studio’s workshop on the first floor. It’s so exciting to see your bike come to life almost from scratch! If you are already a lucky owner of a dream bike, but the wheels or pedals for some reason started to fail on you, you can replace them here with much more advanced ones.
One Bike Studio, 75 Frishman st, Tel-Aviv, Israel, +972 352 86699

Shlush Sloshim

Shlush Sloshim is a contemporary ceramics gallery and shop operated by 11 artists working in different styles and techniques. This successful collaboration brings to life toys, sculptures of animals, Judaica, teapots, dishes and other cute items. The general idea of the place is a perfect balance between decorative sculptural elements and functionality. The gallery is situated in one of the most picturesque neighborhoods; Neve Tsedek, so you can combine contemporary ceramics experience with the romantic sight of the Yemenite quarter, one of the first neighborhoods in Tel-Aviv.
Shlush Shloshim, 31 Shabazi st, Tel-Aviv, Israel, +972 351 06067

Less Than a Thousand Gallery

Less Than a Thousand Gallery

The main aim of the gallery is to spread the love for art amongst the crowd. Less Than a Thousand is not only a name, it’s an important concept of the place: all the artworks in the gallery—even those created by renowned contemporary artists—can be purchased for no more than $1,000, starting from 25 shekels for a postcard with Zooblend’s illustrations and finishing with Daniel Siboni’s latest art pieces. The gallery has a wide collection of street art; it works with such famous Israeli street artists as Dede, Dioz, Sened and others. All the artworks in the gallery are original and one of a kind. Here you can find art for almost any taste, so don’t hesitate to drop by no matter what you are looking for, photos of Tel-Aviv from 1970s or black-and-white classic drawings. If you’re too indecisive to spend your last money on original artwork, there’s always an option here to get a mind-blowing art poster or an iPhone cover with Dede’s plasters.
Less Than a Thousand Gallery, 60 Abarbanel st, Florentin, Tel-Aviv, Israel, +972 365 26061


Hungry for some eye-opening design? Want to make someone special happy with a thrilling gift? Fe, a shop and design studio, offers a great number of pleasant items and design services for very reasonable prices. Fe designers generally create from metal for everything from small souvenirs to modern urban furniture. The spirit of industrial South Tel-Aviv is really palpable at Fe, with a smell of fresh paint and wood. A true DIY inspiration place, Fe is perfect to meet friends and chitchat over a beverage.
Fe, 127 Hertzel, Tel-Aviv, Israel, +927 361 33668

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